whoops a

whoops a by my little red suitcase
whoops a, a photo by my little red suitcase on Flickr.
whoops a daisy! sorry couldn't resist that.

well the letter arrived, as did the new crochet hook and the new labels. very excited about the last two. Unfortunately the shop in town said no. Very polite letter, not discouraging, but no....no real reason just a standard letter.

So.... I went to pick up my cushions and spoke to the lady there. She said that she really liked them but didn't think they would sell at the price I had given.

This shop takes a whooping 45% commission! So I had hiked up my prices to make it worthwhile. It is a lovely shop and a great show case for peoples work. and yes the prices are expensive in there. But she felt that at these prices for these cushions that probably people would rather go away and figure out how to make them for themselves. I totally agree! That's what I would do.....

So I had a moment of thinking I would just put foward the more simple and easier to make cushions at the prices she had suggested. There is something about a no that makes us keep trying isn't there?!

But i'm thinking perhaps 45% commission is a bit ridiculous......for a simple crochet maker.

So I will re-think and re-group my ideas. Sometimes a no is a good thing, it helps us to define the way forward. and yes thinking about creating an etsy shop now and other possibilities.....

Have a fab day,



which colour background?

these little circles are patiently waiting to be stitched together. While I think about which colour background.

of course in the meantime another has begun! This time a mixture of multi-coloured squares. I will show you soon.

today I am waiting for the post-lady to arrive! trying to be patient.....I am waiting for new labels, a new crochet hook and a letter. oh the suspense!

Enjoy your day. I have to do a long drive through the countryside of Bath and Bristol. I will be going on the scenic route with my flask and my sarnies! No big service stations for me today.

bye for now,


a beautiful flower on the solstice

The day has began in a wet and misty way here, but it feels quite fresh. Like a new day beginning. Phew, yesterday was a difficult day.... I think things can be so intense around the summer solstice and quite full on. This year I keep trying to remind myself to breathe out now and again and stretch or be still for a moment. It is helping! Nature is at its most heightened summer energies today, so hold on to your hat and remember to breathe out now and again.

Enjoy the longest day, and the light that stays so long in the evening now. Try and mark the day in some small way, or large solstice celebration way if you feel so inclined and welcome the force of nature which is the sun. (we hope it will make an appearance after the fresh rain!)

So happy solstice to you all and may all our relationships find peace and love around them to go forward in new ways.......

So hard for us people sometimes isn't it.....!

Peace and love,



just gone to the shop!

At last I have finished off these three cushions and popped them into the local shop. They will let me know in two weeks whether they will be able to sell them.

I have given them a selection of three different kinds. I love them all. It's tempting to keep them! I finished them off with some plain heavier cotton which I thrifted. In an envelope style. I do like the idea of having more colour on the reverse but thought I would keep it simple for now.

The back of these actually have a woolgenie label on them. I am waiting for some new labels. Woolgenie will always have a place close to my heart as that's how it all started....

I do love making these. A little bit of crochet in the evenings and before you know it, you have another cushion! I think my favourite is the grey design, but I'm really enjoying the colours in the large granny cushion. I tried to avoid pinks and purples in this one, imagining it sitting in a big leather armchair, possibily in a more male environment. How cool would that be in someones office?! Not saying men shouldn't like pink and purple of course......

off to conjure up some tea now,



pretty material and mustard wool

thought I'd quickly show you some of my pile of friday thrifted. This time the ladies at the flea market let me go into their giant store cupboard and have a look round! I was especially happy to find these.

The wool is quite musty and will have to be washed, somehow. I just love this material, I can imagine both of these made into skirts. Perhaps I can find a simple pattern to follow.....not something I really know how to do!

Have a good start to the week,



one giant leap

Hello and welcome to life at my little red suitcase!

If you have arrived here following my leap from woolgenie thankyou for coming too.

So after a huge deep breath, crossed fingers and toes, here I am. Writing life at my little red suitcase.
 An explanation would be good wouldn't it?......

Well everything was going along fine, making, posting and then the Jubilee..... And then one day whilst out thrifting I came across this very sweet vintage red suitcase. It struck a cord. It stayed in my mind. I went back for it the next day, very happy to see it was still there waiting for me. I brought it home and admired it and it sat there, in the middle of everything.

I knew I had a suitcase like this when I was a little girl.

Memories of a bold adventurer and traveller flooded back.....,

.....this girl, was ready to travel,
this girl loved making things,
this girl, was going to survive,
this girl,
was bold, adventurous, and shy....
and ok yes slightly bossy!
.....this girl was ready for more,
ready to learn,
this girl had hopes and dreams and fears
and this girl had a little red suitcase.

I had found myself feeling suddenly limited. Woolgenie has lived close to my heart for a year or two now.... I realised that I wanted to make this change. I needed to make it now, before it became too difficult to let go.

This little red suitcase had quite suddenly arrived back in my life and it felt like it contained all possibilities.

I realised that instead of planning to leave, it had arrived!

so a warm welcome to you all



beautiful english rose

beautifull english rose by woolgenie
beautifull english rose, a photo by woolgenie on Flickr.
Hi,i've found it really hard to follow on from the jubilee for some reason. So i'm going to show this lovely rose which I found in my garden. As a friend said, roses look beautiful even in the rain...., and the colours of this rose are really amazing. Just what I need to lift my spirits.

I have been finishing off my cushions of late. I will show you soon. It's great to have a finished product. It feels like they are ready to travel where they will.

I keep thinking of all the possible options for selling them and going round in a big loop about it! I may try a local shop we have here first although the commission rates are quite high. It's a good quaility shop with quite alot of traffic through, but it does mean charging quite a high price. On the other hand a craft market stall once or twice a month could be fun. And then there's etsy. Which would be good to research properly first. Ah decisions.

Well the week begins for us again today. Not sure if the sun will pop out today but you never know.

oh and a warm hello to a new follower Lizzie at the pea pod. So nice to meet a fellow artist/crafter living in Gloucestershire! and a very productive one too!

Take care



Diamond Jubilee

2012 Diamond Jubilee by woolgenie
2012 Diamond Jubilee, a photo by woolgenie on Flickr.
Well its been a long weekend here. Especially for the queen I think. Poor love looked quite exhausted at her concert outside Buckingham Palace last night!
I have square eyes from watching it all on the TV!

The floatiller of boats on the Thames was amazing but I think for the best atmosphere you really had to be there.

Today we have one more street party to go, I hope we can muster it! and hope the rain holds off. This weekend has been damp in a truly British fashion.

Enjoy the double bank holiday,

bye for now