the one where these fabric strips

turn into this!

much delight and pleasure was gained from ripping these fabric strips! really you have to try it.

Make a small cut to begin the rip and then rip away. I wanted to make something colourful for my living room. It's still in need of jollying up. I have all these lovely vintage sheets and have been thinking about projects I can do with them.

You can attach the fabric in several different ways. I tied mine as though I was beginning a bow. This creates a fuller, bouncy effect. You could also loop the strips through like this. This creates a flatter more uniform effect. Good for tieing around a pole or hoop.

Or use a branch..... a beautiful wavy branch, would be a lovely rustic touch. Especially at a wedding or over a table. You could even paint the branch. I will have to look out for some nice branches while out on my wonderings.....

Just think how nice this might be for a celebration or birthday, strung across the room, perhaps with really long strips. Or satins and silks or lace. The possibilities are endless! Have a look herehere and here. And have a look a this for a great fringe and canopy idea. I like the way the lights have been added too. So pretty, could be a lot of fun in a children's room. Or mine!


A new listing in the shop!

Hello good folks!

I have a new listing in my etsy shop today. I just love these. I have persuaded myself to part with this lovely! I can and am making more.....,

My wool baskets have been sorted, I have tidied my shelves, my whole house seems to be in various stages of de-cluttering. This time I want to get down to the bare bones of what I love and enjoy. I want to be able to really see what it is I'm doing without a whole load of extra stuff sitting on top of it, metaphorically and literally! It's time to move forwards. I feel like I am on the first rung of a ladder and now I need to be prepared to climb and put in the hard work, (and fun I hope!).......

This week I have my four happy things to show you;

My sweet little dog, bless her, she makes me happiest of all. Yes she has her own chair, it's a bit chilly down on the ground you know! and a rather trendy thrifted blanket adds a bit of cosy. Mind you put your fingers in her basket while she's a sleep at your own peril! She can be a bit of a stroppy pants!

Blue sky and Autumn leaves, so pretty. I just breathe out when I see this in the sky......I hope to see many of these crisp, clear, sunny autumn days.

My mustard cowl I am making. I am enjoying this in the evenings so much, I also have a grey one on the go. I am following this pattern shown by Maaike at crejjtion, on her post here. It's so easy. I had decided this thrifted wool was too thin to be used for anything and it was already in my charity shop bag when I saw that Maiike had also used some thin yarn. I'm using a bigger crochet hook, size 6. Which is nice for a change. I am so going to enjoy wearing this. 

Have you spotted my felted pumpkin. I made this a while ago. At the time I thought a whole garland of different fruit and veg would be fun, but never got further than the pumpkin!

Lastly, this beautiful picture by Elsa Beskow from her book 'Around the year'. I have this open on my table. Her paintings are so sweet. This is October. This book was from my sons childhood and it's keeper. I might show you more of the pictures through the year.

Hope you are enjoying the Autumn days, I wonder what are you making at the moment?


four things.....

Hello all, hope you are enjoying the weekend,

Today I thought I would join in with Jen from little birdie and show you four things which are making me happy. Jen's idea is to share four things each week that are making her happy, it's called 52 weeks of happy! So here are my four things:-

1. my new thrifted granny stripe scarf.

I know, I could have made one myself, and I might, but I just love the colours! soft purples and mauves, earthy greens with a chunky white border, makes me feel all bright and colourful and ready for Autumn.

and these really are my colours..... very Heathery don't you think?!..... and soft and snuggly too.

2. Geninne's new art book, 'making an impression'.

Gennine's artwork is amazing, she is a very talented lady. You can have a look at her art blog over here.

I love her use of nature in her work and her colours. This book shows how she designs and creates her stamps and artwork. I've always fancied trying a bit of stamping!

3. Another new book. This time 'Simplicity parenting' by Kim John Payne. 

I haven't read a parenting book for a while. A lot about this book resonates with me. Both myself and my son can struggle with feeling stressed or over-whelmed. Not difficult in our fast paced, cluttered, multi-tasking, technological lives......

This book gives me the feeling that with a bit more awareness there is the hope of creating some space for more presence and connection, even with my two-screened, multi-tasking teenager...... 

4. and lastly, I'm really enjoying this fab, brown and white retro plate with my breakfast this morning.

This plate used to belong to my Mum, and has been around as long as I can remember. Toast with Apricot jam, my favourite. Rhapsodie de fruit by St.Dalfour. No added sugar just sweetened with fruit juice. This is the best! Also without butter, I know, but I have got used to this and don't worry other treats take it's place!

Also I must tell you, I won my first give-away!!

Deborah from happilicious kindly sent me a lovely crochet hook holder which she made herself. My crochet hooks have never had a proper place to live before, so I'm really chuffed, thank you.

Isn't it sweet.....Very handy......and if you pop over Deborah has mentioned a link on her post about how to make your own printed labels, as you can see she has above.


Lastly I wanted to mention a lady who has inspired me a lot in the last few weeks. It's Tamar at nest pretty things. Most of you will probably have seen her etsy shop and blog

I've always been inspired by creative women in business.

Tamar very successfully makes pretty jewellery. Her etsy shop has had around 10,000 sales!

She is a very sweet lady who lives in beautiful Vermont with her husband and has three teenage sons. She is very productive and has a work space in the corner of  her dining room. I have enjoyed reading about her home, family and work, and how things came about.

Yes, I have read her whole blog, all 5 years of it I think! Do you ever do that? It's the story you see, I love story and transformation. At the beginning her products were very different to what they are now, I love seeing how things change and evolve.

I recently found an interview with Tamar. Speaking about her work and her etsy shop.

You can watch that here. It is long about 45 minutes so make sure to have a cup of tea at the ready.

Enjoy x  


some things.....

I'm sitting here actually looking for a beginning, I have one eye on my pan of milk, I am making my home-spun latte drink, my favourite and far better than going out and buying one everyday, which I used to do! and  now I save myself a tidy sum every month. I buy the little Starbucks sachets and only use half, so even though it may not be the cheapest, and I am not a really strong caffine drinker, it does the job. I spend the rest of the day drinking tea. It's amazing how much tea can be drunk. One day soon hopefully I will start up on the herbals again and become reformed.......!

Okay all whisked and frothed now and and a silhouette picture of an oak tree on the common for you to see. So I will drink this while I tell you what I've been up to.

Do you ever have weeks when you chatting away in your head, different blog posts running around, but not actually managing to get them out! oh, my spell checker doesn't like the word blog? ha perhaps it's not a real word!! not a very up to date spell checker, that's all I can say......

Anyway.......this week I have been decorating. My living room is quite a dark room, no actual sun comes in here and in the spirit of brightening it up I have been brandishing white paint around. I am on day 6 I think. God it's hard to stay motivated. I'm covering darker colours so it's been 3 layers of painting and all the bits that go with it. Actually I have one more wall to go, which I'm supposed to be doing now.....,

White paint, let me tell you, it changes everything! I have learn't a lot doing this, it makes you re-consider everything, which suddenly comes into the foreground. Whereas before with my earthy colours so much was able to be over-looked and blended in.

 I question whether I have done to right thing, especially at the beginning of Autumn..... I'm feeling very Scandinavian or perhaps I will go bright and eclectic, or maybe both!! Throws will have to be changed, warm colours need to be added. A lot of bits and bobs simply don't fit any more. I may have to add a mocha/latte colour wall at one end! suddenly I'm thinking about corals and dark grey..... I thrifted the most amazing cream/beige crochet table cloth this morning, with a most spectacular border and a beautiful silver candle stick. Maybe it will all fit.

I wonder, you know, why now?.......I blame all the gorgeous blog reading myself!!........It's funny when you  decide you want to do something and spend hours agonising over it and then do it anyway and wonder why it was so important to do it..... fresh feels good and it's something new to create with. I have spent a lot of time reading Homespun style, which I love. The white works so well with all the floral goodness there, but perhaps it does have more of a summer feel to it.

So the challenge now is to work it up to cosy. Some beautiful woollen rugs and lots of crochet. It's also a nice backdrop to photo my crochet against. Which really is probably the real reason I did it! sorry to sound like a women obsessed! I know some of you will understand. I should probably get my self out in the garden and give it some attention instead, but you know a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

I've just remembered I was supposed to be posting about my recent inspiring lady, oh well, next time! for sure and I will show you pictures of the room soon, promise. x


in production!

Hello there here I am making cushions for my new etsy shop! I am feeling very motivated, as those of you who read my last post will know and I'm hoping it wasn't just a one night wonder!! only time will tell.....

I have claimed the living room table to spread out on and am in a flurry of finishing off cushions that I have been making over the last few months.

I thought I would show you some shots of the action. Here is my very favourite wool basket, with a new cover in progress, all essential items which can move around with me.

I am making the covers for these new cushions from a soft corded cotton and have learn't how to put in a zip! It takes some time, but I'm hoping I will get quicker at this!

then a well earned coffee break is needed, the conditions are good here for the workers!

the work force......, and a bit of relaxation......

then I hand sew the crochet to the covers,

I just love the bright colours on the neutral background. These colours feel slightly Cath Kidston to me.....
I use a range of different kinds of wool for these, mainly 100% wool, with the occasional vibrant wool blend. So the overall look is quite eclectic.

lots to finish off......,
It's been difficult to price. A lot of work goes into these and I love them. 
I've had to find a price that feels like I am operating at a place of integrity to me, whilst also having one eye on what's out there and how others are pricing their work.....

and on that note, this little cushion packed with colourful retro goodness is now on sale in my shop. Please have a look over. You'll see some new links at the top of the page. Have a look around......(oh and don't spend too long on pinterest or you might get lost!). I will be back in a few days to let you know about a lady who has really inspired me lately. Have a great week!