some happy things....

Thank you for your comments on my last post. It's nice to have a place to express the different emotions which sometimes arise in life. Not everything, but sometimes an emotion or view point needs to be acknowledged so we can move forward onto other things. It frees me up.

And so onto some happy things!
I haven't kept up very well, but I don't think that matters. Sometimes it takes a while to find the things around me that feel 'happy'.

The things that lift my spirits in these winter months have a lot to do with colour and creativity, which in my book just rocks!

1. Of course more crochet. One of my January aims was to finish of as many w.i.p.s as possible and list them on Etsy. I haven't shared those aims yet, but may begin that in February.

2. My new spot in the kitchen. I've put a small table in front of the window. It's a sunny and light place to gather my thoughts and drink tea away from all the screens and media. And yes that's little dog snuggling under the blanket. She likes it too!

3. A recent 'little' splurge. New postcards from wood & wool stool. It's no secret, this lady is one of my crochet heroes. I'm hoping a little bit of her magic will rub off! My favourite is the multi-coloured heart. Altogether a very inspiring lady.

4. Two owls and a pussy cat. Inspired by Jane on Ada's post. I know the cat eyes look a little strange, it was an experiment! A further pair of these owls have been sent off as a present. I loved making these, perhaps with a tag they would make nice key rings. Anyway for now they are a very happy decoration.

I can't believe we're almost at the end of January, spring can't be far now. The snow here has gone and all that's left on the common now looks just like patches of lemon meringue. Really!

I hope this week brings good things for you,



note to self

note to self,

just to be clear,
I don't do polite requests, or demands,
unless I want to!
and I will listen to that voice that says,
'do you want to do this, is this right for you?'
oh and I'm not going to feel guilty either.
So I may have to re-write the rules of etiquette,
or just throw them away.

and so with that said,
I would also like to say,
 set your compass,
in a direction,
 set off,
leave behind unresolved trickyness,
move on,
sometimes it's all we can do,

go the way that feels clear,
go the way which feeds you,
follow heart and inspirations,
set off,
go where you want to go,

This is my own quiet little revolution of 'no please don't ask me'!

Sometimes I am a funny fish,
and no not a pisces,
you see, in my life I hold all the balls in the air,
but here,
I don't have to,
So please don't ask me, even politely!

This post was inspired by Susannah Conway's post here.

Do you find it hard not do the expected?


these snowy days

I have been,

saying hello to these friendly horses who watched us sledge,

finding community whilst out sledging on the local slopes,

keeping little doggy paws warm and out of the snow,

braving artic weather and freezing on the common,

touched by a special thank you note,

slipping and sliding through the pretty woods,

enjoying watching some warm nuzzling!

surprised at how quickly these daffodils opened,

enjoying warm frothy drinks and writing in my new Earth Pathways diary,

posting my now finished custom order,

and secretly trying the cushion on all my seats and wanting to keep it!

and making new beginnings again, more cushions!

what are you up to this week? 


a cabin in the garden

Would you like to live in a cabin in the garden here, in the snow?

All year round, I have a lovely resident living in this cabin. There are some hardy cabin folk indeed living in these parts!

Today I had a little message to come for tea. So nice to visit a cabin in the snow!

It was bright in the cabin as the light reflected off the snow all around and it certainly was toasty in this little place, I think the burner will have to keep going all day today.

a glimpse of another life, a simple life. Closer to nature, the trees and the birds as neighbours. A place to reflect and be quieter. And also a good internet connection!

this snow was quite deep, a sudden snowfall over night. Schools and roads closed, it feels as though we are somewhere else.

here is the winter landscape this morning. With more snow to come. Keep warm and well and don't forget to feed the birds!

have a warm and toasty weekend,



My creative space

Well it's January and the sun is shining here, and it's also freezing cold!
and the corners of my house are beginning to call me, to clean and tidy, and remember them.

today was my day for going to the gym..... remember my list of things......and yes I still need to tell you more about that, but although I was going to the gym, I cleaned my craft room instead. Oh yes, much more fun!

Not a deep, deep clean, but a shine and moving around of the the piles which have grown and need to find homes!

I know to have a craft room is a luxury. For as long as I can remember I have carted around at least a small room full of creative and craft things..... I'm not quite sure how to apply my word for the year, CLEAR, to all of this. I guess the worktops are clear and that will have to do for now!

This is the place where I can remember what lovely wools and materials I have, what I want to make, and have a read through my notes and inspiration boards. Of course a lot of crochet takes place on the couch, but this is the place where I use my sewing machine and cut and play with fabric. The plan is to spend more time doing this and less time in front of screen!

I remember the first person I ever met who had a craft room. I was hugely inspired by this creative lady who made having a creative space an absolute priority. She simply had to make things, even in the midsts of a busy life. How amazing to have this space, I thought, an official space for creating, surely many things will happen!.... but you still need to find your way there, especially when other areas of your life are calling as well. Life has to happen too, I know. I will experiment to see how I can fit my creative life in in a more regular way.

When do you craft? I know as the creative beings we are we are always crafting our way through life really. Do you have a craft space? even if it's a little cubby hole under the stairs! I do hope so,



52 weeks of happy

hello how has the beginning of January been for you?

this morning, we had a sprinkling of pretty white snow. I wonder if we will have more later...., by the time I reached the common though, it was all a wee bit wet and muddy!.... nevermind, here's hoping we will see a bit more of the white sparkly stuff!

and now carrying on with my quite random 52 weeks of happy!

I have been making a custom order, cheery and bright is the order of the day. I am really enjoying working with the orange!

The last of my new years candle. It was a lovely soya wax, geranium scented candle which burn't with an orange glow, still very much needed in these January evenings. I'll keep the remaining wax and then when I have several I will melt them down again and add a new wick.

A glorious day on the common with lots of sunshine. Sitting on a bench and just soaking it up. This is selfcare. Blissfull. You can see the tree there now without it's decorations.

At home my January decoration, branches of catkins in a jug with some water, and hopefully the warmth of the house will bring some early spring buds to enjoy.

Today I have a vegetable and lentil soup bubbling on the stove, which is calling me, so I hope this week brings you some happy things,



gathering my thoughts for 2013

I have needed some time to gather my thoughts and choose a word to accompany me through this new year, and some time to reflect on life at the little red suitcase household.

Sometimes I think we are heading in the right direction and at other times it's very clear that in some areas we are not.

But saying that, even though things can be difficult I think we do know what we need to do and in most cases it's really now a case of picking up all the different threads and beginning again, with the new year.

My word for this year is 'CLEAR'.

Clear can be many things, a clear mind, a clear home, simplifying. Clear goals, a clear direction and it can also be clear boundaries.

I have to admit that there has been a complete over-load this holiday of screens and technology, which has left me feeling a little jarred. So I have begun my new year by clearing down all my old emails and texts and switching things off a bit more, to give my jangly brain a rest now and then!

I realize that there are four main areas in my life that I am working on, and for me they are :-


All of these are important for my piece of mind, I can't simply run off in only one direction, although it's tempting sometimes! so I would like things to be clear and simple.

I may set a few simple goals for each month to keep me moving! and in the name of self-motivation I may let you know!

Lastly, some boundaries, to be clear, for myself, here.

I need to go at my own pace,
I need to come from a place that is my own,
to share when it is appropriate for me to do so.
I need to act from my own motivation, from that place deep inside of yes I can do that.
or no, not now thank you.
Anything else, isn't me,
and my heart won't be with it.
I need to be able to dance to my own tune!

I'm sure you can understand that. 

I wish you all good things for 2013!