some favourite things right now

This week I have been crochet mad!

This is my new favourite cup. Would you like to join me for coffee and a cupcake?

Only joking, how about one of these?

They go very well with crochet and I have a sweet tooth....

I have been swishing around in my favourite poncho. At home I live in ponchos. One day I will make one......

I have done a spot of thrifting. I'm very happy to have found these. My Mum used to have them in her cupboards. It's amazing how a pattern can bring back memories. I just like seeing them on my shelves, and I think I might start a little collection.

I have been dipping into this basket a lot lately.

and found myself making something very bright and colourful, more than normal!

I have been in my craft room using my sewing machine, Miss.Trissie. She used to belong to my grandma. She is working really well, considering she must be almost a hundred years old! I have been finishing lots of cushions and this really feels good.

I have enjoyed draping cushions around the house and taking lots of pictures.

I love this cushion, for me it represents everything I want my little red suitcase shop to be about, colourful, retro, fun and modern.......!

It's ready to travel and I just might be able to let it go!

Of course I will have to make another straight away....... 

.....Home is tidy, my teen had a week off ill, so no school wrangles.

I have been managing to clear some of my forever piles. You know the ones, hand washing, mending, tidying the clutter in my craft room, again!  

There are still some I would like to get to, but I need to do more clearing first, but I do feel as though my word for the year CLEAR, is having an effect.

It's been good to craft and finish things. I have given my etsy shop a little tidy and update. I have been doing some homework to do with postage and packaging and dreaming off making some new labels and postcards.

So perhaps the spring energy is beginning to move and now I will be spending the next few days catching up with you all. 

I hope things are good with you, 




crocus magic

It's cold and bright here today, not quite spring, but it's not far away.
The other day as I drove along I saw a patch of crocuses planted by the road.
My heart gave a little leap of joy!
It was such a surprise burst of loveliness,

Of course that led to a little purchase of these crocuses, 
which led to some soft mauve wool,

which led to a little crochet, of the purple and mauve kind.

and the finishing of a pretty cushion.

really it was crocus magic.......

if you would like to see even more crocuses you can look here!


Thank you for your wonderful comments on my last post, it was really very heart warming. Life still has it's trickyness, this is true for all of us I'm sure. But it feels less intense now, thank goodness! This blogging community has led to some great inspirations and ideas to try. I will keep you posted.

cold and bright on the common

Hope your week is going well,




some days.....

some days....
I just have to write differently,

some days....
this place isn't enough,
doesn't express who I am,

some days....
this sensitivity that I feel is too much,
and I wonder if it will ever go away,
or I'll ever be able to handle it,

some days....
it brings me understanding and intuition,
and on other days
it brings pain and I can't find a way to deal with it.
Suddenly swept up in strong reactions and feelings,
it makes me want to hide.

Some days.....
I'm holding on,
hoping that the one thing that will help me cope
will suddenly appear somehow,
from somewhere.

Some days....
this sensitivity can feel oh so strong,
I haven't felt like this for a long time,
and it hurts.

....and I'm here,
somehow making and finishing,
hoping and holding on,
being here
and feeling what I can't hide from.

finding small solaces,
trying to trust in what I'm doing here,
trust in what I'm doing in my life
trust in what I'm making.

This is today,
tomorrow is another day,
I will end this day with bath and bubbles
and an early night.

I hope this evening brings you sweet solace friends.




things that are making me happy!

Hello, here is a collection of things which are making me happy and helping me through the month of February!

1.  These magical Febuary snowdrops. How I wish I had the know how and camera to capture these shy beauties more clearly!

2.  I have been reading 'The secret diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4' . This book is hysterical. Given to me by my Mum at christmas 1983, when I was age 13 2/3..... I'm chuckling to myself now about anyone who is doing the maths......, I always do the maths!....... Do you remember this book? Set during the 1980's, Margaret Thatcher is Prime minister, Ronald Regan is President, and its the year of the royal wedding, Charles & Diana. Adrian Mole has to cope with the life and worries of a 13 year old and it has reminded me of a few things I had forgotten and left me laughing out loud at night. My last post was definitely inspired by this book. 

3.  Enjoying the colour and crochet.

4.  My clear hallway. At last. This area was full of boxes of books. I've finally managed to create a home for them here. After decorating my living room, they felt to heavy to put back there. So I have created this mini library in the hall. It's completely full and I may clear more, but I do love my books, each interest and stage of my life is there and at the moment I still want them, but I want to enjoy seeing them and not hide them away in the loft. So I am enjoying this. The trap door to the attic fits perfectly inbetween, don't you just love it when you find something to fit a spot exactly! I keep walking through now just for fun and because I can!

have a good weekend, hope you enjoy some happy things,



my morning

6.35: Alarm goes off, feel exhausted.
         bring the alarm into the bed and press repeat snooze 10 times.

7.20: pull the hot water bottle like dog out from under the duvet.
         cuddle said spoilt dog.

7.25: get up, open all the curtains. Let the dog out, make tea.

7.30: have a shower.

7.40: get dressed, jeans plus several layers of t-shirts and a jumper.

7.45: brush hair through, put on minimal make-up, mascara, blusher.

7.50: wake teen, tell him the time.
         room stays dark.
         leave light on outside in hall.

7.55: put a bowl of breakfast next to teen.
         no movement.
         room still dark.
         bang around making unecessary noise.
         remove last nights weetabix.
         offer to charge phone, as bound to be run down from pinging friends
         half the night.
8.00: no movement.
         remind teen to wake up and eat.

8.05: hear breakfast eating noises.
         eat my breakfast.

8.10: quiet in room again.
         no movement.

8.15: tell teen I will be turning the car around.
         take bags and dog to the car.
         tell teen we have to leave at 8.20 to be on time.
         no movement.

8.20: come back in.
         teen in bathroom.
         spends 5 minute spraying, guming and brushing hair.

8.25: teen leaves house looking like he slept all night in freshly pressed
         tie at a right angle.
         shirt hanging out at the back.
         teeth unbrushed.
         hair immaculate.

8.28: drive off.
         teen immediately launches into conversation about the obliterating
         effects of a brick in a washing         
         machine, seen on you tube, and other apocolyptic type disasters.
         I try and work out how many minutes there are left to drive the 35
         minute journey.
         I attempt several mentions of parents evening appointments and PE kit 
         get shot down several times.
         agree not to talk as I am being too stressful.
         Drive like Nigel Mansel through the cotswold country side, remembering
         to slow down for mud and
         hair pin bends.
8.55: Arrive, alive, on time, having driven the 35 minute journey in 27
         realize no one has cleaned their teeth.

9.00: Drive at a comfortable speed to where I walk the dog.
        delight in my freedom.

10.00: Arrive home, make coffee.
          wonder how many life enhancing, health inducing, career building,
          house clearing, garden over-hauling  
          things I can possibly do in the next 5 hours.
          Tidy up and do a blog post instead.

How about you?


hello February

what's that I hear you ask? how are the grey roots so far? remember this post here, where I talked about growing out the hair dye in my hair, and this board on pinterest called stunning grey hair.

Well actually yes quite grey now thank you!

I have pinned some more pictures as inspiration, incase I feel myself sliding towards a bottle of hair dye. Some of these grey haired gals are actually quite young, younger than me. I needed them there just to show that it's still possible to look up to date with grey hair. Of course it helps to have some nice clothes and a good hair style too.

I am still at the two tone stage which is hard. I keep catching sight of the colour and wanting my copper blond back. But also I am seeing this new, more authentic me, less brassy! and willing this on! It's a strange place to be. I think I'm going to like it. It's a relief not to be always thinking about and dealing with hair dye. Plus it's cheaper too.

I do feel the need to add a little more colour on my face just to warm things up. Really I think hair colour brings a brightness and sometimes a warmth which you get used to. So I'm thinking about ways to still feel like this. More motivation to find a healthy glow, so I'm still trying to up my exercise regime! more about this soon. I guess in the end you just have to let your natural self shine through!

Have a lovely february weekend,