So said I

So I started a new cushion........a chance question led to a spontaneous burst of new cushion!

Just a little cushion it was going to be......

16 circles, which suddenly grew to 25.......and why not!

Just a little join-as-you-go, and then the border.

And anyone who's ever made a cushion knows it doesn't stop there......!

a certain amount of commitment takes it to the next stage.

darning in those ends! has to be done, nice and neat. Only a hundred plus!

time to machine sew a cushion cover now and over-lock the seams. Then the final mission is to hand stitch the crochet to the cover. Totally not the best the bit!! That's what thimbles are for right!

So not quite finished yet. It's a lot of work. I think they look fab, but it's a lot of work!

And although I've been sizing this one up for my couch, it will be going in my shop! :-)

and so said I.


Rosehip, and pretty touches

Just before christmas I received the most lovely give-away gift through the post, all the way from Canada. A beautiful crochet trim pillowcase from the lovely Rosehip. I was totally thrilled and a little awed that I would receive such a pretty gift.

The whole package gave a little jingle as it had two sweet bells attached to it! A lovely idea. Lovely packaging with gentle care instructions. I was allowed to choose the fabric and I choose this lovely purple and blue ditsy floral fabric with her famous crochet trim in a palest blue. So pretty. 

Just ready to be placed on top of my freshly made bed!

Thank you Beata, it's beautiful and I will treasure it and look after it. Sigh. What a lovely bloggy world this is.

Which is why we spend so much time here I guess....

Looking at other peoples pillow cases and such like!

This room has been part of a recent move around. While I'm here I'll show you my ceiling lamp which still has a decoration up.

I've loved this and yes the lightbulbs missing! I kept this up since last christmas because I liked it so much. It's still there so far. It's my version of an Anthropology style chandelier! Actually this is the first chandelier style lamp I've ever had and they are lovely. Apparently not such good fengshui hanging above the bed though.....! I've heaved my big desk in here which I'll show you when it's all landed.

I wanted to clear some space in my craft room. I'll show you how it's looking right now, but it may all move again. I think I may need the light from under the window.

There's quite a lot of stuff here. I still need to make a clearer space to work in. And I think I might change the yellow. But I do love all this Stuff!

Shelves of loveliness, need I say more....... I have found some really pretty things lately. I have some ideas for making some new inspiration boards and framing things. It's time to make holes in those walls!


This week. I was feeling a little exposed with my photo here. So I've taken it down. I'm still not sure how I want to represent myself here, so I'll leave it off for now.

I also had a helluva of a meeting two days ago with seven people all representing different elements of my sons education and where we go from here. There are several different schools of thought, with not everyone agreeing. We just need to go step by step. I know I haven't told the whole story here, but it's difficult when it someone else's story too.  

I found all the different peoples energy difficult to process. It takes me ages to do that. I'm still doing it now. When I left the meeting I filled up my car with a whole tank of the wrong petrol. So I have no car right now either.

But I'm pleased to report that after having a bright green screen for most of the week I can now see you all in glorified colour. And how nice that is too.

Oh and I'm making, making, making, and a new cushion. So nice, I wasn't sure if I would carry on making them.... But I am, and I will show you soon.

So 'be happy'
and here's to finding our way through.



I've given my little etsy shop a little nudge and a shake and woken it up for the new year!

I've told it it's no use sitting there looking pretty, it's time to hang up the sale banners and throw a little action into the works.

if there's anything that might have caught your eye.

sorry for the blatant use of advertising!

hope the colourful pictures make up for it.

I can make crochet heart messages if you let me know which ones you would like.
You can choose how many you would like
and the pattern too!

yummy vintage sheet stash bundles.

and more gorgeous patterns to come soon :-) 

A little bit of fun colour to brighten up a corner perhaps........

Be happy! Yay!
I can crochet any banner that you would like.
Nice and light to send in the post.

On new years day I dream't that someone had said, 'oh so your getting married!'
I didn't really have that in mind, when I choose the word 'commit'!

So a my little red suitcase sale here
15 % off for the whole of January,
you can use this coupon, NEWYEARSALE2014,
If you would so like.
Thanks for looking!


a new year, a new word

A happy new year to you all! May 2014 bring you love, warmth, creativity and many blessings on your journey. This time last year I set a word for the year as an intention to guide me through 2013. The word was clear and you can read this post here.

It's now clear to me where I need to put my energy. I talked about this in my three wishes post. It's difficult to push ahead with everything all at once, so I have to choose the most important things to me right now.

Last year I wanted to clear/simplify. Now I still live surrounded by many things, but during the year a steady flow of things no longer needed left this house. And I believe that I am bringing much less in now. I still like to move things around and shake things up. In fact one of the last things I did in my home for 2013 was shift and heave a very big desk and it's contents into a different room. I want to make a reading/writing/thinking corner in my room and create a clear craft room/creative space in another.

A have a friend who tells me that I like to have all the different aspects of my life in different boxes, and she might be right! So I have two rooms in relative chaos, and I'm looking forward to doing a final clear and sort.

My word for this year is commit. I say this a little quietly. As this may cause some squirmming to start. I know I am a responsible person, if i say I'm going to do something I will, but oh just watch me try and avoid commiting in the first place!  I'm not sure why I find committing to things so hard. It brings up a lot of fear I think. That I won't be able to manage it, or will find myself out of my depth and without a lifeboat. I count my self as a resourceful person and I believe I have been trying to stay in a very safe place. One where I won't feel over-whelmed by my commitments. It's all been about protection. I don't think this has always been understood. So I have become good at wriggling out of things, just not doing it. Don't ask me. So I've made my boundaries stronger. But perhaps squeezed some of the possibilities out in the process! and I know that I'm waffling.

So commit. Most particularly to the goals I have set and in any other ways I can. Commit to begin to open myself out in trust and belief. To know that my life and my home is a strong enough place to step from. There is strength and there has been healing. Life will catch me if I fall. To hear life say yes you can. To drive across that bridge. 

Did I mention my fear of bridges?

Well okay, one thing at a time.......

This independant, brave and fearless traveller needs to learn how to cross that bridge again, because there's a whole world out there.