re-charging in nature

Thank you flowers for the yoga space we used this week.

Life has been a little bit fraught this week. I managed to fall out with someone close by. Not the teen!! only two exclamation marks there..... Living close by to other people, can mean being adaptable, learning to tolerate, setting boundaries, or not as the case be! Or it can mean having a real who ha and behaving like a crazy woman......fighting for her patch. I do really try not to do the second option, but sometimes due to personal circumstances we can find ourselves closer to the edge than we realized.

Saying that though this week I have found that all in all I am feeling much more empowered as I go about my day and my various dealings with people. I have had a lot of support from my mentor and the organization where my son now goes several times a week. I don't actually know where we would have been without them. Anyway, like I said, still closer to the edge than I realized.

The reading bench
So I have spent a fair amount of time this week wandering about the garden, in between the rain and thunder and lightning. Negotiating a two day post-argument headache. Can I blame the weather?!....I have found myself reading  The Celestine Prophecy again. All about how humans struggle for energy in their relationships.... yikes! but also how there is so much energy available to us in nature which I'm sure we would all agree.

Little dog is there on a short lead because she likes to come down here and have a good bark at next doors chickens! naughty dog.

the orchard is full of Cowparsley

I have been wondering around through the paths of Cowparsley, slightly hiding, breathing in the green goodness and trying to re-charge.

this wonderful pond has appeared.
One of my hardy cabin folks has built this lovely pond just below the balcony of her cabin. I'm really rather in awe of this nature loving girls ecological capacities. She just got on and built the pond. It's in such a lovely spot. She tells me as she comes into the garden pushing her bike along, down the winding path, past the honeysuckle, that all the stress of her day and the traffic just melts away. In the evening myself and little dog usually wander by and come and see what new pond life is happening. New cuttings and plantings keep appearing.

under the Laburnum tree
The pond is just under a very pretty flowering Laburnum tree, which I'm told in her native Germany is called Gold rain. I love that.

making a pond
Clever girl!

Natures balm
So hoping this weekend to make a bit of a fresh start. I've got several new makes to show you soon. I have been going to a little local yoga class, which is also helping, stretching is one of my favourite things. We are only a class of three, in my neighbours front room and that's including the yoga teacher! so it's a lovely supportive little group. Gentle yoga, we use many layers of rugs and cushion and have lots of relaxation time. It actually feels a bit like going to bed! I feel clearer and brighter for it and I am learning how to rest, which as my yoga teacher says, isn't always comfortable, but it's important. So do have a restful weekend if you can. Bye for now.

pretty may flowers


May flowers and thank yous.....

I wanted to say some very big thank yous. First for all the lovely comments on my last post and secondly to Chrissie for sending me this very sweet handmade tote bag from her give-away. I was able to choose the blues to go with my May flowers.

It's very neatly made. Lovely fabrics, lace and a pretty polka dot lining. 

Tucked inside some Zinnia seeds for the garden, which I will endeavour to grow! Now when I saw the bag in the picture I was sure Chrissie had printed a label of some kind and was a little amazed to see that the 'life is one big WIP' is infact embroidered. It's lovely work Chrissie, thank you.

The blues have a special place in May I think. I do love Forget-me-nots. Enjoy the lovely sunshine we are having here today :-)