hello autumn world....

Oh here I am...back again, and it's Autumn :-)

How lovely. I've had a bit of time to reflect and review. 
To work out what I'm doing and how I want to carry on.

I have two pages of notes, but I think I just need to sum it up instead and say,
I still want to be here.

Three and a half years on. 
Two hundred and twenty three posts later. 
A few strange what an earth was I thinking of posts, (all still there!)
I like it here.

But I can't step back into it in the way that I was.
I can't step back into the spiral of blog reading.

I find myself spending much less time on-line. 
It's been a bit of a habit to break.

I feel like I'm getting to know me again.
Discovering blogs and blogging came at a time when I really needed it.
I always wanted to create a little business,
and I really want to put my energy there.
Which I guess means making things and doing shop things :-)
So this is what I plan to do.
I hope you understand.

I think there will be more tales to tell,
but it's definitely important to step back and watch the world go by now and again.

Blogging has helped define who I am, 
helped me to see what was already there, with new eyes.
Helped me to see what I want to move towards, 
and brought untold amounts of inspiration.

and I know that whatever that may be, 
it will contain a little bit of everyone I've ever met and enjoyed something of.
And that's the beautiful thing about creative glimmers and life evolving.

Thanks for reading and commenting along the way.