A simple heart....

Well this blog seems to be turning into a seasonal thing. Someone asked me today if I was still blogging. I said that I was thinking of blogging today:-) if bringing my origami hearts here counts.

Sometimes it's the little things, that brings joy and a moment of crafty pleasure. These were oh so simple. I think a small square of any kind of paper could work. Brown parcel paper, with glitter sprinkled on? a pretty magazine picture, even some newspaper print. I popped one in a birthday card yesterday as a origami gift.

Once upon a time on valentines day, someone made me a concertina of newspaper hearts and hung it on the kitchen window. He was a kind of rustic fella. I thought it was pretty darn cute.

How to make an origami heart here.



  1. Hi Heather! So nice to hear an update from you. I hope you have been well! These origami hearts are just adorable. :) I've done a little bit of origami in my time as when I was a child we would host Japanese students, who would often bring with them beautiful origami paper and teach us.

    1. The paper is gorgeous, I'm pretty smitten! I must try some other shapes. Thanks Lisa, take care. X