another cushion.....!

another cushion.....! by woolgenie
another cushion.....!, a photo by woolgenie on Flickr.
just can't stop making these!

I realize I am hugely procrastinating about making the backs of these and as a result I now have many many fronts.....!

this one will have a white background, I do love these colours against the white. Lots of fun.

in the meantime, this afternoon I have been making sunshine cushions from my pile of thrifted sheets. I will show you these soon. It's my way of thinking about the best way to put the backs of these crochet cushions together.

hope you are enjoying the sun and find a moment to sit and be x



yesterday, what a glorious blue sky was waiting for me up on the common! It was nine o'clock and it was showing all the signs of an absolute scorcher. Walking on the track out across the common, the wildlife was humming and the day was already hot. I was thinking that I would need to come up here an hour earlier possibly if I want to have a walk in the cool beginning of the day!

see the cows already sheltering from the heat, such a lovely spot at the top here.

the hazy heat hovering over my home town in the cotswolds. The River Severn in the distance, with Wales beyond.... I am a suburban girl really, brought up on the out-skirts of London. This is amazing to live in a place like this with such an incredible view. It does it for me everytime. Wow! such a great way to start the day. The mood and atmosphere of the landscape changes depending on the weather. Today, up here on the peaceful common, there is a sunny feel of expectation down in the town.

today is the day that the olypmic torch will be travelling through Stroud. All is calm at the moment. The colourful bunting flutters in the breeze, the union jacks line the streets, waiting. People are quietly wondering around.

In the afternoon we will come down to the town, I live up the hill!

people begin to gather, the children leave school early. Small children holding flags and golden home-made torches appear. We start to look for our spot. Seats fold out on the paths, we find a shady spot to wait in for a while. The anticipation builds. The local bobbies have fun with the teasing school kids. It is Hot now! phew.... we wonder how many will come. It feels exciting to be part of it.

This morning after two hours of waiting I finally managed to get two tickets for the Volleyball during the olympics. My son is desperate to go. Its all that's left! but we will enjoy it and enter into the spirit of things, perhaps also a day pass into the olympic park will happen.

we find our spot on the green by the canal. Our friend finds us. Lots more people now. The excitment is tangible now. The crowd moves forward and takes over the path. The stewards and bobbies hold us back. Alot of fun is being had in this heat. And I can tell you, it was hot! we waited for about 2 hours. The flame was late of course! we watched the local buses get confused over the road being closed. We all cheered the lone cyclists which were still coming through!

first came the vehicles, and boy were there alot of them! Well the crowd duly cheered them on as well. Infact everyone was happy to cheer anyone in the end!

and look, here comes the torch, can you see it there? Give a big cheer now!!

just look at all the crowds! you see him going by.

fantastic atmosphere, it was great to be part of it. It was a first for me, and great to see so many people turn out for it. and wow it was a hot one!

ok, home now, have tea and feet up, ready for a lovely bit of crochet........

have you seen the flame yet? will you go?......



a pretty pile of thrifted

a pretty pile of thrifted by woolgenie
a pretty pile of thrifted, a photo by woolgenie on Flickr.
hello, i thought i would share my pretty pile of thrifted things with you.

in the town that i live in, on a friday, there is a fantastic flea market stall. It's good to get there early as it can often be found knee deep in thrift loving folk.
It's full of china and kitchen utensils, old balls of wool and all kinds of forgotten household items patiently waiting to be re-discovered and loved.

well, I couldn't say no to these little lovelies. look at these rice containers! I'm thinking bits and bobs, buttons and beads, definitely not food!

these little blue bowls, perhaps for putting in candles on my table, and this sweet string of cornflower blue beads to hang somewhere.

and this silk scarf. it really feels like it should be called a neckerchief? is there such a thing I wonder? It's short and light and it feels fun to wear. Actually, not my usual thing but i do love the polka dots.

.......although.....it does rather feel, a bit like I should be asking everyone to return to their seats and put on their seat belts!

well, I shall enjoy these. Have you found any thrifted treasures recently?

have a great weekend, I hope it finds you feeling good



making cushions

making cushions by woolgenie
making cushions, a photo by woolgenie on Flickr.
today I have been mulling over the options for the back of the cushions. I've found some cotton and wool mix, which looks clean and fresh and feels warm. It's tricky. Some maybe will just have a fresh white cotton. Envelope or zip? I wonder. I think I'm going with envelope. I'll let you know how it turns out.

also very excited that my woolgenie labels have arrived yay! Sea foam on a gray background. Nice

I'm determined to have some finished products to show you soon....
WIPs all over the place....



feeling delicate

Feeling a little delicate today, I thought this delicate poppy was a wonderful thing to see this morning.
a little monday morning blues perhaps?
although the sun is finding its way out as we speak.
I did enjoy the sun this weekend, and so as to remind myself,

yesterday I was feeling happy that I managed to blitz the conservatory,
from layers of cobwebs and dust. It really is a two season space here, so now our life is ready to expand into the summer.

feeling happy that I managed to mow stage 3 of the mowing ( I kid you not!) This took a good hour, it's a bit tricky around the trees and the flower borders. Then finishing with a meandering path through the apple trees and past the vegetable patch. It's good exercise, I sometimes wonder if I should get some goats....
and then it will be back to the top of the garden again. It's really growing fast now.

Lately I have been enjoying my walks through nature with my little dog. Sometimes we go up on the common and sometimes the park or the woods, so it's lovely to look around and see what's happening.
The bright green leaves and the wild garlic growing in the woods were just heavenly.

This weekend I took myself away from the computer (mostly!) and this was really needed. Just some time to breathe out. I am learning so much and it's all pretty exciting. Patience is needed, I guess it will all come when its good and ready.

You can see this mom below, she waited so patiently for these little chicks to happen. I watched her wait for a long time. There was one day of worry when mum and dad both seemed to disappear so I was very relieved today to see this little lot swimming by today. Clever mom.

I love the earthyness of this picture of these forget-me-nots I found in my garden. Just need to breathe in some earth now and again, makes me remember to keep my feet on the ground. I love the way the sun is dancing on them.

This weekend I really appreciated seeing my 13 year old make good use of our local leisure center, enjoying his weekly roller disco on saturday and then swimming at splash time on sunday. Good healthy stuff.

Realizing I am such a creature of habit, I like to get everything housey done at the weekend, leaving the week free to be what it will be. I guess some people do this the other way around, but for now this is how it works for me.

Feeling proud of myself for managing to thread 4 needles on the over-locker that I was given by a friend, getting the tension right ( at least it looked right to me), and actually making it work. My goodness I even read the instruction book, had no choice really! So looking forward to making lots of sunshine cushions now.

Enjoying my crochet cushion covers so much, that I'm actually making another using the same colours in the same order. It's great not to have to make any decisions this time. So easy, and these two have been my two favourite accompaniments this week around the house.

So, I find myself learning to let un-resolved issues just be there. It's hard. We all have them. Wondering if I'm doing enough. Enjoying doing other things. Sometimes scared. Learning to be patient. Accepting that I don't have the answers to everything(smile). Just trying to be present to it all. Allowing the delicate to be there. Wondering if we are about to turn a corner. Hoping.


Wishing you all a very good week and that blue skies will come.


going dutch by the canal

     I love walking by the canal at the weekend,
        and these bright clogs I spied,
       yellow and bright blue flowers,

    makes me feel like;
 going on a journey to Holland,
  buying beautiful Tulips,
* and owning a wonderfull dutch barge!


can you just see the clogs sitting at the side of the boat there?

  and oh look what's this?
   porthole doilies,
   what a great idea!
 if you look closely you can see me and my dog there in the reflection.


You can have a look at these vintage porthole doilies
   on this website at  www.boatybits.co.uk                       
I hope you have enjoyed my canal walk today,



pretty and thrifted

pretty and thrifted by woolgenie
pretty and thrifted, a photo by woolgenie on Flickr.
just love the colours on these,
and this pretty sheet happily found it's way home with me!


I am a learner!

I am a learner! by woolgenie
I am a learner!, a photo by woolgenie on Flickr.
I saw this when I was out and about,
and I couldn't resist!

I am definitely wearing my new l-plates
oh yes!


gorgeous blossom

gorgeous blossom by woolgenie
gorgeous blossom, a photo by woolgenie on Flickr.
remembering to be outside,

and breathe in nature,

it really helps to clear the mind,

too much technology!

so much to learn,

have a good day x