autumn inspirations

hi there, would you care for a pompom?..... aren't they fun?....... I loved making these. I still have to string them into a garland. I'm hoping they will add a dash of colour and fun this autumn on my walls. I'm actually rather enjoying them on this plate too.

My inspiration for these came from the very talented Selina Lake in her rustic autumn article in this months Home and Antiques. I have been trying not to buy magazines, but somehow this month I have brought 3! Kind gestures to myself have been needed!

I love the rustic backdrop, the vintage flower pictures, the flashes of neon wasabi tape (I have mine at the ready!) and the way she combines the autumn colours with beautiful mauves and pinks and purples. Using a pile of gorgeous floral fabrics in her signature style. Doesn't she do it well! I love the whole idea of setting a scene and styling it. She's one lucky lady.

Love the leaf decoration! Does anyone know which of her books this might be from? or was this for Home and Antiques magazine. Either way I just had to have this picture. 

 and some pretty colours from my garden this autumn. Runner beans, i think!!

these yellow berries are just wonderfull. So pretty.

I adore the red of the rosehips!

the pretty orange and mauve buddlia,

soft, ripe plums in abundance. The branches have been propped up! so strange after hardly any last year. 

gorgeous autumn berries. Love the colours.

and a new course for me this autumn, held at our local youth club. Triple P. It's supposed to be good! I will drink my 'love' tea and think positive strategies!! We have homework too.....

and new in the shop, going back to basics, i think i like these tags best. Simple and straight forward. I'm enjoying hanging them around the place, with my new wasabi tape! will show you more soon.

so there you have it. I do love the autumn don't you?

take care now


porridge and pompoms

There has been a strange little bug passing through our doors here. I am a firm believer that sometimes when we have too much going on we tend to catch a little something that makes us hole up and nurture ourselves a bit more than normal. The first couple of weeks back after the holiday have been a stretch in many ways.

Here is my new breakfast, jumbo porridge oats, who knew! I brought them by mistake and wasn't quite sure whether they would become the creamy porridge I was used to. A good slosh of soya milk and a gentle heating makes a hearty, chunky bowl of porridge. Add some chopped banana, raisins and drizzle on the honey. Very nurturing indeed.

Can you see the picture in the background? This is Sidmouth in Devon. It's a very genteel British seaside town, slightly lost in time with beautiful red cliffs and a pebble beach. A large piece of my heart lives here. My Mum used to live here. Many car journeys were made back and forth here over the last 10 years. I'm a little sad that i haven't managed to get there this summer. It's calling me. Perhaps a little trip in the Autumn when my little dog is allowed to have a paddle on the beach.

Do you know Hesta of Clover clogg? she makes the most wonderful funky and crafty dolls, amongst other things. She has just opened a little workshop near the beach there, with a handpainted floor sign saying, Sew a little happiness, I am a little envious of course. Good luck Hesta, hope to meet you there one day.

While i am swinging my camera about I thought i would show you a picture of my very white living room! and yes the mirror still need to be hung, and the curtain rail needs putting up again too. Sometimes I think I should really buy a drill and learn how to use it! instead of prowling around waiting for unsuspecting candidates and asking them to do it........ 

I have a lot of work to do here now to cozy up this space. I love the light space and yes I'm still sleeping in the conservatory. Apparently I'm not alone here. The cold will win in the end of course!

and yes pompoms, I did say that, nearly forgot! I have a slight craze on here. I will show you more soon and my autumn inspiration too.

I'm making them the old fashioned way and a crochet hook is very useful for pulling through the threads. Their actually coming together quite quickly. Anyway must go and make more, do you feel a pompom coming on.......?!

Catch you soon


between seasons

A little september shawlette, inspired by the lovely Ilaria. I love her choice of colour but feared by the time it was finished I might be looking for a more deeper wintery colour. In the shop both colours called, and continued to call. Clearly I am a woman caught between two seasons. The dusky blue felt like a wearable colour for me. I tend to wear a lot of blue and grey. After using a ball of the darker shade i knew i would simply have to start using the aqua, and I have to say that my heart did give a little skip of joy about that too.

And now I am wondering if my little two-tone number will actually work. They say colour blocking is trending right now...... right?!.... I plan on crocheting a ball of aqua too and then slinging it around my shoulders nonchalantly.

If you would like to try it out you can follow this link for the free pattern. You can easily sign in with your first name and e-mail address. Being the first time i have made anything like this, it's quite straight forward, as long as you can remember to begin by working in the back of the first chain. If you can work that out, you'll be fine!  I can imagine many soft drapey colours that would be lovely. I will be scurrying to fit in rows here and there this week, in amongst a totally exploding to do list. So many things are calling. Have a great week, 




yesterday we had a birthday.
15 years no less.
my sunflower boy.

snowboarding was the order of the day.
in the rain......
followed by films, pizza, giggling and sweets.
no sleepover (i think i was a little thankful for that)
.....he sent everyone home.

my boy had had a difficult day.
I had probably entered into the realms of parent never to be forgiven.
we had argued.
it was saved at last by friends,
if only there had been more people there sooner.......

it certainly wasn't the plan when I arranged the sunflowers
and hung up the birthday bunting.......

hope the sun comes out a little bit today
wherever you are.


Pedro the dachshund

hello, just dipping my feet back in the world of blogging! not that I have been anywhere of course, as I have been right here reading along. Once an inspiration junkie, always an inspiration junkie, that's what i reckon.....!

now then if you read Mollie makes, have you made yours?

this is Jane Foster's free gift this month. It was so very easy. I just hand sewed all the way around the edge and stuffed it with cotton wool and hey presto..... I do love dachshunds don't you! and yes I know I was an impatient missy using cotton wool and he will probably go flat and lumpy at some point but we will love him none the less!

and of course i do realize I should be giving you some long and thought out answers from my last post (and that I will do when i've found some suitable thoughtful pictures), but I thought i would talk about Pedro the dachshund instead. So named after our most delightful doggy friend, who was actually called Pedro Epstein II, and who we like to think of as living out his remaining years serenely parading the streets of Belgium wearing his very chic leopard print coat. Such a character! We miss you Pedro!

and as you can see, behind Pedro I am indeed ready to rock and roll. Pretty vintage sheets have been made into hearts, ready for stamping. i do like this bit! I have been scribbling down messages and ideas that i want to use. I am LOVING these hearts, I have a VISION for these hearts!! Exciting stuff. it's not been all sugar plumb fairy here I can tell you...... I NEED these hearts. Anyway enough of that, I'm very happy to be back in this space, catch you again soon,