New year thoughts

the dog-walkers christmas tree

Today I have the feeling I am ready to step into the new year. I've spent a few days clearing up at home and have been thinking about some changes, and new paths that call me.

Last year, the word I chose for the year was 'value'. Now I have to confess this was a word which I struggled with, perhaps because of it's usual use out in the world. I know that's not it's only use though. Over time I forgot which word I chose. Maybe re-evaluate would have been a better word, as I sorted and cleared. But that might imply some answers, and to some bigger questions, which I don't have yet! Everything could change.

So my loved ones, some treasured belongings, a few things I spend time doing. It's simple really. Some parts of myself I found again. I found out there is room for more.

My aims for this year:-


* To keep encouraging and supporting my son and building on our relationship.

 * To honour his boundaries as a young adult, whilst looking after my own.

 * To keep practising my own self-care and trusting in my own life.

 * To model healthy eating.

 * To stretch everyday. This is so good for me.

 * To do some decorating and repairs.

 * To finish the de-cluttering, especially photos!

 * To think about how I want to live, what other options there might be.


 * To add things to my etsy shop.

 * What's happened to Conchetta Conchetta?!

 * To take more photos with my real camera.

 * To creatively repair and make more of my clothes.


 * To keep researching and exploring the whole tiny house, simple living ideas. (inspiration)

 * To try and source more ethically made and produced clothes where possible.

 * To share my inspirations where I can.


My word for this year is 'Truth'. It only came to me yesterday, so I hope it's right. I want to be able to stand in my truth. To follow my truth and to let people know, how I want to live in this life of mine and what's worth standing up for :-)

so a HAPPY NEW YEAR! to all.