another cushion.....!

another cushion.....! by woolgenie
another cushion.....!, a photo by woolgenie on Flickr.
just can't stop making these!

I realize I am hugely procrastinating about making the backs of these and as a result I now have many many fronts.....!

this one will have a white background, I do love these colours against the white. Lots of fun.

in the meantime, this afternoon I have been making sunshine cushions from my pile of thrifted sheets. I will show you these soon. It's my way of thinking about the best way to put the backs of these crochet cushions together.

hope you are enjoying the sun and find a moment to sit and be x


  1. So cute.. I always wanted to know/learn how to do this! I think the colours will look great against the white. Beautiful x

    1. yes I love making these and you know it's really not difficult once you have the basic pattern. There are so many great combinations you can make. The worlds your oyster then. Have a go! x