a pretty pile of thrifted

a pretty pile of thrifted by woolgenie
a pretty pile of thrifted, a photo by woolgenie on Flickr.
hello, i thought i would share my pretty pile of thrifted things with you.

in the town that i live in, on a friday, there is a fantastic flea market stall. It's good to get there early as it can often be found knee deep in thrift loving folk.
It's full of china and kitchen utensils, old balls of wool and all kinds of forgotten household items patiently waiting to be re-discovered and loved.

well, I couldn't say no to these little lovelies. look at these rice containers! I'm thinking bits and bobs, buttons and beads, definitely not food!

these little blue bowls, perhaps for putting in candles on my table, and this sweet string of cornflower blue beads to hang somewhere.

and this silk scarf. it really feels like it should be called a neckerchief? is there such a thing I wonder? It's short and light and it feels fun to wear. Actually, not my usual thing but i do love the polka dots.

.......although.....it does rather feel, a bit like I should be asking everyone to return to their seats and put on their seat belts!

well, I shall enjoy these. Have you found any thrifted treasures recently?

have a great weekend, I hope it finds you feeling good



  1. Great finds, those containers will be great for beads and buttons. You have a lovely blog xx

    1. Thankyou Caroline,nice to meet you. I popped over to your blog and your beach photos are fantastic, hope to see more.