beautiful english rose

beautifull english rose by woolgenie
beautifull english rose, a photo by woolgenie on Flickr.
Hi,i've found it really hard to follow on from the jubilee for some reason. So i'm going to show this lovely rose which I found in my garden. As a friend said, roses look beautiful even in the rain...., and the colours of this rose are really amazing. Just what I need to lift my spirits.

I have been finishing off my cushions of late. I will show you soon. It's great to have a finished product. It feels like they are ready to travel where they will.

I keep thinking of all the possible options for selling them and going round in a big loop about it! I may try a local shop we have here first although the commission rates are quite high. It's a good quaility shop with quite alot of traffic through, but it does mean charging quite a high price. On the other hand a craft market stall once or twice a month could be fun. And then there's etsy. Which would be good to research properly first. Ah decisions.

Well the week begins for us again today. Not sure if the sun will pop out today but you never know.

oh and a warm hello to a new follower Lizzie at the pea pod. So nice to meet a fellow artist/crafter living in Gloucestershire! and a very productive one too!

Take care


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  1. Arrr, thanks for the welcome Heather. That's very kind of you x

    Your blog is lovely, I'll be popping by regularly.