a beautiful flower on the solstice

The day has began in a wet and misty way here, but it feels quite fresh. Like a new day beginning. Phew, yesterday was a difficult day.... I think things can be so intense around the summer solstice and quite full on. This year I keep trying to remind myself to breathe out now and again and stretch or be still for a moment. It is helping! Nature is at its most heightened summer energies today, so hold on to your hat and remember to breathe out now and again.

Enjoy the longest day, and the light that stays so long in the evening now. Try and mark the day in some small way, or large solstice celebration way if you feel so inclined and welcome the force of nature which is the sun. (we hope it will make an appearance after the fresh rain!)

So happy solstice to you all and may all our relationships find peace and love around them to go forward in new ways.......

So hard for us people sometimes isn't it.....!

Peace and love,


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