all things bright and beautiful

these organic flowers were so beautiful,
they will stay on my table a lot longer than most,
just what was needed,
as well as rest, recovery and recuperation,
we don't tend to be so good at that do we,
thank you to soulemama for her timely post.

I think during my cold I shook off some heavy stuff,
still shaking it off actually,
......shaking and making!

I've needed things here to be lighter, brighter, simpler......
I've needed to draw the line in the sand around me (metaphorically of course)
which says, this far and no further.

don't get me wrong, the daily things are still happening,
but with a new awareness of where the boundaries are,
and a new voice which says, this is enough.

I'm now about half way through the handmade market place.
and just letting some of the ideas settle now.
The chapter on branding has made me think,
and there is a fair bit of advice about setting up a self-employed business.
this is the first book I have read like this,
and it happened to fall into my basket after reading  this post by Julia Crossland,
a self-employed artist,
here she reviews this book and several others.

I'm inside and outside,
nature and craft,
I like this combination.

my new little makes are pot-holders,
some new hooks will be found,
for there seem to be none in this house,
how have I managed?!
I will show you them hanging up and looking pretty.

here is the page which is tickling my toes in the new issue of mollie makes!
......I think I might be developing a fancy for some liberty fabric,
or perhaps these would be nice made from some vintage sheets!
new possibilities.....

I just want to share this from my walk,
the clouds were clearing here,
the sky was a pretty blue,
a lovely blue space,
in this place I love, 
where do you find the space to breathe out I wonder?


  1. I'm loving that page of Mollie Makes too! Liking the simplicity. And I love your photo from your walk, I go to the woods to breathe out, I love trees! Rachel x

  2. Hi there - I recognise the picture of the book you are reading -I read it a while ago and it does have some useful ideas. I also find the articles on small craft businesses in my two favourite magazines - Country Living and Country Homes and Interiors interesting. Both magazines run competitions each year - Kitchen Table Talent Awards in Country Living and Country Business Awards in Country Homes. Country Living have also published a book I think on Kitchen Table Talents giving advice on turning a hobby into a business. I find the stories of how other people have developed their ideas into a business very inspiring.

    PS Love the colour combination of your pot holders.

  3. Ooooh use vintage sheets! Mind you I like liberty prints too...oh decisions, decisions! Thanks for you comments and support on my blog! Ada :)

  4. Such a sweet blog!! Happy to be your newest follower! I have a wall of the hoop fabric art!! Love them. xo Heather

  5. Hi Heather, what a lovely place you have to walk. And I like your expression of something "tickling your toes" ... think I may have to use that one!! ; -)

  6. Dear Heather, what an interesting post. You say you are drawing boundaries, but what I hear in your words and see in your pictures is quite different.
    To me it looks like you have new inspirations, you are opening windows to new possibilities and raising your eyes to the horizon. Or maybe your line in the sand is just quite far out there?
    My place to breath is in Jasper National Park. The magnificence of the Canadian Rockies, never fails to set my spirit free.

  7. thanks Sassy, just to clarify, I do have new inspirations and I'm hoping to create some clear space so I can make them happen!
    My boundaries have been around energy levels and my physic space, which I am trying to keep clear so I can move forward on the path I want to take, and not be too swayed!! Heather