thank you.....

first off I just wanted to say thank you,
this week and my last post has been a hive of activity,
it's been so lovely to read your comments and I've met some lovely new folks,
so a big thank you for all the support, especially my early followers!

these pink roses I planted this year in front of my balcony,
they are called compassion,
I hope they will climb and ramble as far as they can!
.......well, I've checked the calender and we have only two weeks left of holiday,
I'm trying not to feel panicked!
I feel like we have hardly done anything or been anywhere really......
except for the olympics of course,
it's just been a hanging out at home kinda holiday.

so what have I been doing?.....
well here's a few snipits,

eating juicy blackberries from a very brambly patch in our garden,
feeling very healthy.
I told my son these were natures happy pills!!
all those anti-oxidants......it's got to make you feel good, right?

reminding myself that I do know how to cook, at least a bit......
this is 'omelette with whatever you fancy',
I added cooked onion, peppers, courgette, tomato,
 indian cheese (paneer) and a good load of smoked paprika,
I had to finish the top off under the grill,

I have been chatting to the cows on the common,
there has been a mutual moaning about the weather!
although there have been some sunny days too,

I've been renewing my appreciation of dappled sunlight,
 appearing through shady woods,
not so keen on the squelchy mud though......

and slowly making more cushions,
I realise I simply have to finish all these cushions and do something with them,
I have been sitting and wobbling on the fence of indecision for far too long........

reading this little message left for me a while a go and remembering this is true,
even when other terrible teenage things are said........!

and today I am sorting out my craft room, I was up until late last night beginning, finally.
so my mission of the day will be this, it feels good to remember what I was doing, 
what I was in the middle of, 
what my ideas were.....!

so this is me this summer.


and I must also remember to thank Caroline of  scraps of us for awarding me with the liebster blog award!
The word leibster means dearest in German.
 This award is given to blogs that have less than 200 followers,
as a way of raising their profile and to encourage new bloggers,
how nice!

Anyone receiving the award can pass it on to 5 other blogs that they enjoy/admire,
and with less than 200 followers,
......if they would like to,
so I would like to award this to:-

Sassy of  muddle puddle

Lizzie of  the pea pod

I hope you get a chance to pop over and visit them,
  have a good week,



  1. How sweet of your son ... congratulations on your award ... well deserved your blog is lovely ... can't wait to see your craft room organisation ... I can't wait to make mine a reality ... Bee xx

    1. thanks Bee, it's great to have a craft space, but you have to be vigilent or you find all kinds of other things plonked in it! Heather x

  2. Congratulations on the Award! Loving the cushions! It's great when they leave us little messages isn't it! Ada :)

  3. Ohhh yum - blackberries, baskets and crochet....delicious.

    So glad you have fond memories of Broadstairs - it is a lovely place to live.

    Nina x

  4. I have just discovered your lovely blog through Country Rabbit and I will add my congratulations on your award. I just had to say I loved your white box with the vintage papers and your crochet cushions - I have never done any crotchet myself (I tend to sew and occasionally knit or embroider) - but my Aunty did and these colourful squares remind me of the blankets she made. I always remember being wrapped up in them snug and secure on her settee when I was very little.

  5. Oh my! Why thank you! I had no idea you have sent me this award and here I have shown up to tell you that I have just at passed it on to you! So you are doubly dear and I guess I am too ;)

    Don't miss the Liebster awards ceremony at:

    1. thank you so much for double dearing me Sassy! I accept your award with much appreciation and honour!! and will over to check out the awards soon, enjoy your day Heather x

  6. Thanks heaps Heather for picking me for the award : -) That's very sweet of you. Enjoyed your post today, with all your photos of what you've been doing recently. Love the message from your son found on the windowsill. I'm off now to look at your other award winners!! : -) xx

  7. First off your rose is perfection :~)
    Second I am the next generation of the Liebert chosen by Sassy Breese which was quite the delightful honor.
    I am also thrilled to follow your blog, as I have a great affection for your particular part of the world & will enjoy the peek in your window on the world.

    1. thank you for coming over, nice to meet you! Heather x

  8. Gorgeous roses and that message is very sweet. Love the pretty crochet. xx

  9. Hi, just discovered your blog so having a read through on old posts, on your dappled sunlight photo did you notice there is a lens flare at the top which looks like a witches hat? :)