enjoying colours inside and outside

Hello I'd thought I'd show you some of the colours I'm enjoying around me a the moment. A really delicious peach summer rose is waving at me in front of my balcony. It's one of a line of roses I planted this year, unfortunately I can't remember the name, but it's a gorgeous peachy orange. Have a look,

it smells delicious too! the first buds are bright orangey red......, so romantic!

These white puff ball flowers are gorgeous too, so pretty, does anyone know their real name?

These fresh white and oranges, I'm also enjoying these colours indoors to. A new thrifted blanket has been found to decorate my life with! I have dragged in a second couch from my conservatory. In the hope of making my living room a bit more cosy and colourful!

love the orangey red combined with the aqua, seen here with a thrifted blue pillow and one of my sushine pillows made this summer.

it's a huge knitted blanket, it must have taken someone ages, larger than double bed size. I'm always amazed when I find things like this for the grand sum of two pounds! Very soft and cosy. I like the mixture of colours and the patchwork. I'm trying to make the living room more inviting in the hope that my teen might actually want to spend some time in it too instead of the whole time in his room. No such luck yet, but the dog seems to like it. No need to fight over couch space now!

Time to change the sheet on the main couch! Do you do this? I love this tourquoise sheet, and I'm really enjoying the change. you know when it's time and it makes all the difference. The colours feel fresh together. It's all ready for flopping onto! That's where you'll find me in the evenings, if I'm not sitting  over by the computer.....

all plumped and ready, not bad for a couch found outside in the street! I do look longingly at the ikea catalogue, but really this is ok....!.

The week has begun for us with a couple of days of sickness, so a bit of time to regroup our energies and begin again. We are still in the midsts of transition really and I can only hope it's all going to work out.

I'll just finish this post with a picture taken early morning on the weekend, a misty start and  beautiful spiders webs all over the garden. It was really incredible, I don't know if it's spider season, if there is such a thing?

have a good week, I have a fourteenth birthday to prepare for in a couple of days!


  1. Fabulous photos - love the spider web! You are right - the rose is the most beautiful colour.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Now that's a busy spider! You know what my favourite is don't you?! It's the vintage sheet of course! Love the colours in it! Ada :)

  3. That spider's web is a work of art. Unfortunately (for me) September and October heralds the arrival of spiders in the house as temperatures drop. The spiders 'round our parts are very, very big...

    There is something about knitted patchwork blankets... Lovely.


  4. Such prettiness!! Love the knitted blanket! Happy day to you! xo Heather

  5. Love the turquoise sheet too, I had similar on my bed when I was a child but in purple to match my Mary Quant frieze! As for teenagers, don't worry they do eventually emerge. If only for something to eat!

  6. That spider web is magnificent. I admire you for capturing it. I tried to photograph webs this summer, but nothing remarkable to show for it.
    I think the white flower is called stocks. I have been trying to eradicate it (stocks) from my flowerbeds as it is too aggressive and after their show of white (early bloomer in these parts) it becomes leggy and gangly and not pretty at all.
    Have to agree about the knitted blanket. I have gotten a few blankety finds this summer and it amazes me to think how many hours of work went into it, and how I could never finish a project of that magnitude, and yet it is now mine to enjoy.

  7. Fabulous spider's web! Your couches certainly look good enough to relax on with a good book!! Amazing find of the knitted blanket.

  8. What a great rose color. I love your all images especially roses and spider web are amazing...

  9. That's an amazing photo of the spiders web. I love the turquoise sheet and that rose is a beautiful colour. xx

  10. Blimey - that web is amazing. I wonder who occupies it - brrrrrrr.

    Nina x

  11. Wow - great shot of the spiders web - it looks like a very loose piece of crotchet hung there. Love the blanket too.

  12. Such a beautiful web. No good at all with spiders but I love what they can do. C.

  13. Oh my word, what a wonderfully HUGE web! We have an abundance of the 8 legged Mr skinny legs around our garden at the moment but never seen anything that spectacular. Well captured!! xx Love your setees too.