A new listing in the shop!

Hello good folks!

I have a new listing in my etsy shop today. I just love these. I have persuaded myself to part with this lovely! I can and am making more.....,

My wool baskets have been sorted, I have tidied my shelves, my whole house seems to be in various stages of de-cluttering. This time I want to get down to the bare bones of what I love and enjoy. I want to be able to really see what it is I'm doing without a whole load of extra stuff sitting on top of it, metaphorically and literally! It's time to move forwards. I feel like I am on the first rung of a ladder and now I need to be prepared to climb and put in the hard work, (and fun I hope!).......

This week I have my four happy things to show you;

My sweet little dog, bless her, she makes me happiest of all. Yes she has her own chair, it's a bit chilly down on the ground you know! and a rather trendy thrifted blanket adds a bit of cosy. Mind you put your fingers in her basket while she's a sleep at your own peril! She can be a bit of a stroppy pants!

Blue sky and Autumn leaves, so pretty. I just breathe out when I see this in the sky......I hope to see many of these crisp, clear, sunny autumn days.

My mustard cowl I am making. I am enjoying this in the evenings so much, I also have a grey one on the go. I am following this pattern shown by Maaike at crejjtion, on her post here. It's so easy. I had decided this thrifted wool was too thin to be used for anything and it was already in my charity shop bag when I saw that Maiike had also used some thin yarn. I'm using a bigger crochet hook, size 6. Which is nice for a change. I am so going to enjoy wearing this. 

Have you spotted my felted pumpkin. I made this a while ago. At the time I thought a whole garland of different fruit and veg would be fun, but never got further than the pumpkin!

Lastly, this beautiful picture by Elsa Beskow from her book 'Around the year'. I have this open on my table. Her paintings are so sweet. This is October. This book was from my sons childhood and it's keeper. I might show you more of the pictures through the year.

Hope you are enjoying the Autumn days, I wonder what are you making at the moment?


  1. We put our doggy on a chair too :)
    Love your cushions by the way x

  2. Love the cushion!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. lovely cushion, lovely dog and lovely cowl!!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  4. Your cushion is lovely, looks like you have a very happy dog there! Ada :)

  5. Lovely photos Heather ... love the cowl ... it's a beautiful colour ... that's one cute little pooch ... have a lovely week ... Bee xx

    Ps Your cushions are so, so pretty ... Bee xx

  6. Such a pretty pillow, and how adorable is your dog! xo Heather

  7. Good morning Heather! Your cushion is absolutely adorable! The colours marry perfectly together. I am so pleased you introduced me to the work of Elsa Beskow; just my style.

    The sun is out this week in France. Has it found its way to your corner of the world?


  8. Hi just found your lovely blog.
    I love the sweet picture of the woods - fab retro clothing and satchel xo

  9. Oh do share more of the lovely illustrations. I am struggling with the journaling on a winter sunrise layout. To be posted later today in flikr.

  10. Awww - look at your little dog all curled up.

    Nina x

  11. Your doggy looks adorable all curled up in his bed, and I would love to see more from your lovely book. Sarah x

  12. So nice to stumble across your blog. I love your pup and blanket shot, so cute and comfy! I'm doing Jen's project too and as well as reminding me of the good stuff, it's proving to be an ace way to connect with like-minded people. I shall be back!

  13. Beautiful cushion, nice are the colours and the white..

  14. Your pooch is too cute all curled up there!!
    Beautiful cushion, and cowl : -)

  15. Gorgeous cushion. It always feels good to have a de-clutter! Your dog looks so sweet in that basket and I love her thrifted blanket. xx

  16. Hi Heather,I just found you from hopping over from Sarah at Squiggling about. I love your blog,Your crochet is amazing!
    Love your sweet doggie too.Xxlove julieXx

  17. Oh I love that picture - so gorgeous. And your cushions are just lovely. x

  18. What a beautiful book that must be! And I love the cowl, that is going to work really well in the finer yarn isn't it. You will show us when you're finished won't you :)

  19. Sorry for the delete, I thought the first try hadn't come through and then it did, two comments from me was quite enough!

    I'd just popped back as I'd forgotten to ask what your cute little dog is called?

  20. Those are the most amazing happy things! Especially puppy with his very own afghan!

  21. Love the pillow, I've been working on one for a LONG time, seems I cant get it finished though!