Love and hate

I don't know about you but love and hate exist in my life right now. That might sound a bit strong, but true.
It's the great paradox of life.

Sometimes you have to fully express one to be able to reach the other. Dark and light, yin and yang. In the Tao, they would say one cannot exist without the other. Each force contains the seed of the other. And one can become the other.

I hope this is true.

and so I must remember this when I'm banging my fists against the proverbial wall. You can't force people to change. I know this. I have learn't this the hard way. All I can do is step back and hold up my light, and sometimes my dark. Because both forces reside here. And sometimes there can be found a point of balance between both, which allows both, and knows both to be true. Here. Now.

We have had an unusually slow awakening this spring in the northern hemisphere. A couple of false starts. Moments of breakthrough and then back into the warmth and covering. (hiding) I feel an empty space, waiting to be filled with new things, a longing. But still withdrawing as the cold now demands I do.

I must be patient. The breakthroughs will come.

This is a picture of my Magnolia tree, how it will look. It's buds are still tightly wrapped, and that is how it is right now.

We have been long in our burrows this year. Creativity is bubbling quietly in the inner warmth, waiting for it's grand moment.

I experienced a love hate relationship with my last piece of work. It was a strange thing. I will show you, but not today. Now I am happily re-instated with my mass of colourful wools and enjoying them very much.

For I am filling this space with colour and hoping for some other things.

I have decided to drop 52 weeks of happy. Other ideas come into my mind instead. I will probably still do happy posts now and again. (I do hope so!) there may be commitment issues amongst other things.....! If I start following a perscription I can find myself only thinking about things in one way. So sorry to Jen and all the others. It can be a great way to catch those moments in the busy world of family life.

I hope your inner warmth is bubbling with good things!



  1. Such beautiful colours in your crochet, I love that white and blue on the top left. And don't worry about 52 Weeks, it's so very hard to keep up with these things in life, believe me I struggle with it and it's my bloomin' project! x

  2. the weather is always on the side of my moods...when i feel low ebs i notice the rain and colder days more...life has its speedy highs and dramatic lows...hope it warms up and your able to be creative surrounded by Springs warming blanket xx

  3. if we find we are struggling with blogging commitments it takes the fun away, never let the fun be taken away, only do what you can, such beautiful colorful yarn you're working with, beautiful work, take care, we are all waiting for spring aren't we, it seems to have forgotten us,

  4. Lovely colourful yarn, enough to lift the spirits even in those darker moments. Hope all is well with you and yours
    Angie x

  5. Your eye for colour is wonderful, Heather! Have faith; spring is on her sweet way. I wish you a peaceful week.


  6. Hi Heather! So nice to hear from you again!! I love the way you write! I feel as though I have known you always!! Do not despair my friend, Spring will certainly come and warm every corner of your being with her lovely sunny warmth!!! Soon!!!Love your bright, happy colorful blocks!!! Perhaps a lovely cushion cover?!!

  7. Spring will arrive at some point this year, not sure when, but it will......we might all have frozen by then though!!! Love the colours you've chosen! :) x

  8. The highs and lows of life and of a season that hasn't yet decided to land!! Spring is on the way even if I cannot really say from this part of the world, can I??? ;oD
    I love to read about your feelings : this is the real Heather I like to be in touch with!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  9. Spring will come, it will, it will! I find the long cold months make me creative in a cosy, nesting way but I am looking forward to being creative in a more free, outdoorsy way soon. In the garden maybe, when it finally gets warm.

    Gillian x

  10. I think the weather is affecting us all as you describe but your magnolia tree fills me with hope for warmer days soon xo

  11. Spring will come ... I believe ... we need belief now ... I love your colourful wools and look forward to your happies whenever you choose to share them :)... Bee xx

  12. It does seem like a long, cold journey to spring doesn't it? When it eventually comes, I think we'll all heave a collective sigh of relief. I too look forward to seeing your happies as and when. Fingers crossed for more love than darkness this week Heather xx

  13. i love your magnolia it is the one im searching for right now!
    bec x

  14. All things balance don't they, tis nature's way. Although sometimes the balancing light, or dark, can be a long time coming.

    I never did sign up to '52 weeks of happy'. I try to take pleasure in small things every day but to undertake to recount that on a weekly basis seemed to me to make a chore out of something that should be effortless.

  15. You have been nominated for the Irish Liebster Award from http://dianstimpanalley.blogspot.com. Go to my blog to see the rules.

  16. I too hope spring soon will come, though this Easter will be white....
    I love your crochet, well I always do :)

    Happy Easter to you

  17. Just. Smile,breathe think of rainbows and warm sunshine. This time will soon pass and I hope your lovely optimism soon becomes your footstep friend.

  18. Well I hope your Magnolia will be just as beautiful as last year!
    What a great colour. Your handwork is so beautiful, I do often show it to my mother. She is a very well crafter.
    And likes all these colours so much.
    And it take so long before we do have Spring. And we need it so much now.
    Have a good weekend, (do always love to read your blog)
    Martine X.

  19. ~ Wishing YOU and sending YOU, Heather....Easter Hugs and Chocolate 'Twinkles' ***** 'Happy Easter! LOVE this cheery post....~ Maria x A little warmer for us too here in the North West...Bliss...x

  20. I think we all need to have balance in our lives. At the moment there is alot of sadness happening in my life. Before the day is finished I have to do something to really make me smile and feel grateful for to try and balance the day out. It works. And it is so important to do this to keep a healthy mind. Karen :) x