This space belongs to me!
I claim this space, radiating out in all directions,
here and now,
free from the links and knots and ties
that bind us and control us
trying to own this moment, trying to dictate where I put my thoughts, my actions, my words.

Well be quiet damn it,
this is my moment
and you are not me......
and I need to find me first
to connect with myself, my thoughts, my wishes, my needs
this is my one whole life and you cannot have it.

I need to find my mission, 
and where it leads me.
I am sorry I cannot please, and I cannot always be there or respond.
I cannot harbour or store anymore things
or I can't see my life under it all......
and my life is under it all somewhere.

and if I cannot see the resounding truth
and integrity of my connection with every choice I am making,
if I cannot make it flow,
I will have to be prepared to let go of it
because I'm underneath it all somewhere.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Angie, I'm okay. I've had a difficult morning and I'm having a mini-tantrum with it all! Heather x

  2. Uhh ahhh... Ssomething seems to be off n i m not quite sure is it good or bad... Hope u get there n be positive as always :)

  3. Yep this is your space, do what you like here, after all it is YOUR SPACE! :) x

  4. What a beautiful space, i love the photo! Day dream nice thoughts, plan a little moment just for you.Keeping life simple is the only pace i can go at now, wishing you a lovely weekend a head. Best wishes jackie x

  5. If those words flow from you because of a mini tantrum then maybe a mini tantrum was just what you needed right then. Hope you have an easier afternoon : -)

  6. love the photo - it is such a beautiful image

  7. Sometimes after mini-tantrums, I'm able to clarify what I actually want, and then move toward it! Hope you are able to do the same, and the rest of your day goes better.

  8. Hi There, You rant and rave all you want my friend!!! It's YOUR space and you are absolutely allowed to!!!
    Love your green bottle/vase and nice to see some Spring blossoms!!! Have a wonderful week-end and go spoil yourself with a little something!!!

  9. Yes, this is your space! And you can do whatever you like with it. Take care and have a lovely weekend. x

  10. Your blog, your rules. No problem there.

  11. If we don't put it out there and bottle it up that is bad. We all need space to be vocal and heard and if this blog is your out let then go girl..your just saying what we all think at times.