Yes that's right, car boot sale booty!

This May Day in and amongst the gardening and mowing we went car-booting. The first of the year. I went with good intentions, unless of course I found a pile of lovely vintage fabric, I really wasn't interested! Not your usual kind of find really but sometimes you never know.

I have been quite good of late. Mostly I'm trying to de-clutter. The stream of things going out has been quite good. Except for my recent thrifted suitcase, things have been quiet.

......but I must admit to feeling a bit twitchy, starting to slowly become convinced there must be a pile of good things waiting somewhere for me! I start trying to plan drive-bys into my day. Charity shop drive-bys! Our best shop is just out of town.......,


I did of course indulge, and here are my finds;

It all started with these flowers. Please can somebody tell me their name?! I feel a little silly not knowing, but I don't really buy a lot of cut flowers, other than the odd bunch of Daffs. These were so pretty and reasonable that I had to buy them. The pink flower is just so exquisite.

and then I found some well needed flower pots for my window sill. 

followed by this 70's shell hanging plant holder! and another very well matched pot from another stall. Are you sensing a theme here?! I love this, I'm now looking for a pretty leafy plant to sit in here.

This tablecloth. I always buy these. Do you know if they have a name?

A stoneware pot, just right for my utensils. They don't fall over!

Oh and five crochet cushion covers, 50p each! I know I could have left some for someone else, but I don't know what came over me!

Several little tomato plants came home too. I have some simple plans for growing a few edible things this year. Like Rocket and Giant mustard leaves and maybe some Kale. I'm not going to go mad, but I do want to join in with the growing season.

Will you go car-booting this year? They are great if you have younger children moving up through the different stages. Or will you be there selling things, or perhaps avoiding bringing home more things?!



  1. Some pretty little finds. Are the flowers Ranunculus maybe? And the tablecloth is made from seersucker. I have lots of them - they wash brilliantly and are so easy to iron! M x

  2. I think those flowers are rununculus, I dont think theyre anemones are they? No put me down for the rununculus! yes, that tablecloth is seersucker, and that stoneware pot looks just like the one my grandma had! love finds like these!

  3. Love those crochet covers, what a bargain and so pretty. I'm on a constant quest to declutter, but permanently hampered by my love of bringing home more clutter :) xx

  4. Mmm I thought anenomes at first but maybe rununculus. So pretty I shouldn't worry about their names .... Sarah x

  5. Those flowers are soooo beautiful! I'm trying to declarer as well, and feeling great with my new found space, I've not been to a car boot yet daren't go, don't want to bring anything back with me!!! :) x

  6. Hi There, What beautiful finds and the crochet cushion covers are just beautiful and the price!!! Love your plants and pots on the window sill!!! So Springy and cheerful!!! Have a wonderful,happy and cheery weekend

  7. Wow, you did well there! Lots of gorgeous treasures that are useful as well as beautiful. I would guess that the flowers are either anemones or ranunculus, not sure which though. Whatever they are, they look so summery on that tablecloth. x

  8. Ooooooh lovely finds! Especially love the crochet cushion covers! Now the sun has got his hat on I feel quite inspired to go bootfair hunting! Karen x

  9. Heather,
    they are Ranunculus!!
    Plant them in your garden, they're easy to grow and will make you very happy! I had them in many colors when I had a garden, they are beautiful and have long- lasting flowers you can cut and bring indoors, too!
    ... I'm dying to go to a car boot sale!!!!!
    Monica xo

  10. Seersucker tablecloths are amazing, I haven't seen many of late and the last one I saw my mother in law beat me to it and it was a gorgeous lemon yellow and white.

    In glad to hear you are going to grow some of your own, it gets addictive.

    In off to a car boot this Sunday and might try to squuze in some charity shops next week xx

  11. Your questions have already been answered Heather - and I agree - 'rununculus' and 'seersucker fabric'. I had a couple of tablecloths a while back exactly the same as that one, the second one had more pink in it, but sadly they eventually wore out! Such easy care fabric and so pretty.
    I love your new flower pots and cushion covers - they are so feminine and delicate aren't they.
    All the best with your growing projects - a very worthwhile activity!
    Joy x

  12. Love the table cloth!!!! and the crochet pillow covers....to dye, maybe?????? ;oD
    xxxxx Ale

  13. What a very lucky gal you were to find all these lovely stuff. I just love car booting its amazing what you can pick up. I really like the flowerpots and also your utensil pot (I could do with one if those). As for the crochet cushion covers you most certainly shouldn't have left then for anyone else they are just fabulous!!