L i V i n G

Dear people, thank you for coming here, for reading and for leaving all your lovely comments!
It is much appreciated. I am enjoying myself!

I've been wanting to introduce you to this series;- Every now and again I have a collection of 'living' moments, which build up in my 'living jar', and I would love to share them with you here.


So every so often, with a nod towards infusing life with the cheerful, the positive, the uplifting and sometimes a glimpse of the familiar, the thoughtful and the 'what is....', I will show those here.

Just lately I have been enjoying these LiVinG moments,

* still enjoying the pretty colour of the Ranunculus petals, any advice about how to store the seeds and when to sow would be appreciated.

* learning what's edible in the hedgerow, inspired by Hesta and her wonderful Alys Fowler doll! She's even made her little dog. Haven't seen the new book yet though.

* in heaven wandering through the pink frothy sweet smelling apple blossom.

* following my own path. 
sometimes me and life can get on just fine but increasingly I find my self walking my own path.

* remembering I brought this pretty wool and considering making fingerless gloves even though it will be summer!

* creating a bird display on my mantle, inspired by the empty blue bird shells found around my garden.
being reminded life is so fragile. 

* just adoring my little dog, she's waiting for a treat, can you tell!?

* finding fabulous vintage(?) sunglasses while out thrifting.

* receiving a neighbourly gift of seedlings, lettuce and courgettes.  

* looking through a childrens set of affirmation cards and realizing they're great for adults too!

* * *

I hope you will enjoy this way of me sharing the snipits from my daily life. I will still be sharing my 'creative makings', and a 'feel better outside' series, together with some more ideas for features and articles. I want to share the things that inspire me, tell more about how and where I live, oh and there may be the occasional shop news too!

Phew this spring energy! Have a great week,
remember to have some you time too,



  1. I do like this post Heather - it's very refreshing and uplifting and very much my type of thing too - thank you! Joy xx

  2. What a lovely post, pretty pictures, love the apple blossoms, and your dog is so cute! :) Have a great day! xo Holly

  3. What a fab way of getting to know you better! I look forward to you sharing more of your snipits Heather x

  4. I think the fingerless gloves would be just fine this 'summer'! I'm looking out for the thrifty gardener book, I've got the fruit/veg one, I love her attitude to gardening!
    Can I borrow your dog please!!! :) x

  5. Great post. Those sunglasses are fab! I have the Alys Fowler Thrifty Gardening book (via a charity shop) and I love it - this book looks interesting too. Off now for a me-time walk. Claire xo

  6. Hello heather, such a lovely post, i have felt alittle low lately and feel it difficult to get motivated. Its so uplifting to read blogs like yours, thank you

  7. I too have been engrossed in the thrifty forager and have been trying to find a local group to go foraging with, just in case I get it horribly wrong!

    Your bird display is lovely, I really like the idea of creating a little display somewhere based on something that I have found.

  8. A truly lovely post, thanks for the snippets! And your little dog is a cutie :-)

  9. I love the children's affirmation cards - what a perfect way to start the day with one of these next to your cereal bowl x

  10. Love "LIVING" thru this post. My fav ones in no order are your glasses, dog and the affirmation cards! Its so great to see your side of living as it is so different from the concrete jungle here. Sometimes with concrete cities your mind too becomes limited. I am just tired of opening my window and looking at another apartment's window. So when you post such pics its like opening my window to a landscape i love :)

    1. gosh yes living in Hong Kong is a whole other world! x

  11. Love this simple and great idea!!!!
    Little pieces of the whole you!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  12. What a lovely post. I'm still wearing my fingerless gloves they are a godsend with this still very chilly spring weather ... Sarah x

  13. What a lovely way to spend a couple of minutes with you, I thoroughly enjoyed that, thanks!! I will be looking into the thrifty gardening book, looks good. Love the apple blossom, what type of apple tree is it?? I just love JR 's we have had two and I adore them. They have such character and it always feels like we have another child in the house. She's super gorgeous!! I often feel like I am walking this path alone, but then I am quite enjoying that. Does that mean we are getting old?? Xoxo

  14. Hi There, Great idea!!!Always nice to learn more about a bloggy friend!!!Loooooove your little dog!!Great color combo!!!Anything will look good in those colors!!!!

  15. I have switched settings to pop up window, Heather. Could you try again to leave a comment when you have time, please?
    Always so, SO nice to hear from you that I cannot lose you! :))

  16. P.S. LOVED this post!!!!! Great idea!

  17. I really enjoyed this post, so lovely to enjoy the little things in life.
    M x

  18. That little hound of yours is totally adorable. Such a lovely post Heather :)