Just recently I have toyed with the idea of removing the google members counter. Why?.... well I started to feel dissillusioned with the whole thing. I realize, I refer to this as a deciding factor in how well things are going here, in this space. And though it is fun to watch the numbers go up, the downside of that is it can be somewhat of a downer when nothing much changes.

So, I realize what I am looking for is acknowledgement;  for this space, for being here, for myself as a person, for my okayness, for who I am. And I've fallen into the habit of looking for it out there! All good when life seems to be affirming us, not so good when someone lost in a mass of upset and projections is telling us how really not good we are!

So instead of finding that voice myself, it's easy to fall into the habit of looking outside of ourselves. Looking at numbers is the nature of the blogging game. But is it a game? and does it have to be? I mean how many blogs can we really follow and enjoy and feel connected with. How much is sustainable really? or do we spread ourselves so thin and become so much outside of ourselves, so saturated, that we lose sight of who we are? Surely that's more important. In order to be able to give out, we need to be able to feed ourselves. We have to put our oxygen masks on first.

I have received so much inspiration from out there, and for this I am really thankful. It's important to me, and it's what makes me tick in this creative life. I think at some point we have to start working out what's important to us. What are those needs, and how can we meet those needs ourselves? Is a number counter important?.......maybe it is!

but it can be frustrating! it's like watching a kettle boil!...... I don't want to feel resentful..... I want to feel free and creative, like I'm working towards the things I want to happen in life. So that things like numbers don't matter, oh and it seems I do possibly want to feel acknowledged........! It's a paradox really.

It goes quite deep, doesn't it, this need. It's been there all along, bumping along beside me through the ups and downs. Needs are like that aren't they? they don't go away. We can't rationalize ourselves out of them. Even though we might try. So the point is, is it ever enough, to try to meet that need from outside of ourselves? does it ever really work? or do we need to regularly tell ourselves this message: -  

.....I know I do!....... In fact I think I might stick it on my computer screen!!


I have a give-away winner and it's Daisy from lazy daisy jones! So thank you all for entering and being part of what happens here. I will be popping some of these hearts in my shop soon.

Enjoy the summer days. I have struggled a bit during the really hot weather. This cooler day today is a welcome relief for me! Brain's working again!!



  1. Heather I truly enjoyed this, because I can completely relate.
    Personally, for myself, I believe in order to feed my own soul I have to ask myself why I even blog, and once I have answered that question, then I'm able to have peace that it doesn't matter what others think or if they even say hi, it matters that I have peace about what I do.
    And just to let you know, you really do inspire me, I find you creative and kind... intelligent and down to earth.
    Great post Heather,
    Thank you,

  2. Sooo happy to be a winner....very exciting...you are very generous...

    Back to your super and very down to earth post, I completely agree!!
    ....I do it too, check those little faces appearing on the blog

    ....how do some people have so many????
    But I have noticed even big "famous" bloggers don't always have a lot so its nothing to do with success i think...

    Your blog is fabulous I love its honesty and you....who cares about the rest?

    bestest daisy x

  3. What a honest post ,and so treu
    Acknowledgement is what we are all looking for right?
    But with this blogging i find mindfullnes works for me
    Living in the moment and being happy with the readers you have at the moment
    And blog for them but in the first place for yourself,and feel thankfull being a creatif person.
    Have a lovely day

  4. This post sings true to so many of us, Heather, I'm sure! There is nothing wrong with checking the stats - we all want to feel we are being acknowledged, but because our blogs are about creative endeavours, this acknowledgment is via inspiration and craft, which is no bad thing! It's not a popularity contest...I'm still rather new to blogging, so when I get a new follower I feel like my ideas and projects are interesting and inspiring to others, and this is what your followers must feel as well. In this great big world that's often chaotic and facing so many negative challenges, our blogs are our way to reach out into this world, connect in small ways with others, and share simple loves, quiet moments, clever makes. We all need this, and I'm sure that for every acknowledged follower there are 10 who are quietly reading without their own google account! If the numbers stay the same, just know that you've connected with us, we're still here, and we are thoroughly enjoying your posts. Now go make more of those sweet little hearts - I'm waiting for some to arrive in your shop, I just have to have 'em! Chrissie x

  5. Unbelievable!!!! I've missed your giveaway!!!!!
    I know why, anyway....I'm so not obsessed with blogging at this moment (i'm on holiday!!!) and I'm trying to follow a more quiet path this time of the year....and it works!!!!
    yes, I have no big numbers in these days of people reading (or not!) my blog, but I feel better because I don't want to be obsessed by that!!!!
    your post/attitude is really positive : thank you for sharing your thoughts!
    xxxxx Ale

  6. Hi Heather,WOW!!!It's almost as though you read my mind!!!Exactly!!!I started this blog a year ago and still only have 12 followers!!!And it seems as though it's always going to stay at that number!!!But I also have a pageview counter and amazingly,I have had 2392 page hits from all over the world!!!!It means there are more readers than followers!!!And don't get me wrong,I am extremely grateful to all my readers and followers,but sometimes it can feel a little bit like a one sided conversation!!!And so,I too have to remind myself why I started this blog!!!Because other bloggers like you,do inspire me!!!And I am always looking for inspiration!!!Secondly,it's a great way of communication!!!Life can be quite lonely and I always feel soooo much better when I have published a post and there are a few comments!!!It almost feels like I just had coffee with a friend!!!And that is why I love my blog!!!There is also sooo much wisdom and inspiration out there that I can learn from to better my skills and enrich my life!!!So I say,forget the numbers and just carry on blogging,because if your blog could inspire just one person out there,I'd say that's worth it then!!!!Hope you have a warm,sunny,happy and inspiring week!!!

  7. thank you for all your lovely positive thoughts, it so very much appreciated! I keep re-reading them!! it good to remember the real basics of why we are doing this. I feel very inspired by these comments thank you. Heather x

  8. Heather I think for most of this this post will hit straight home as we must all constantly be thinking the exact same thing. Life is a funny thing, we all strive for acceptance and a feeling of a sense of belonging and being part of community and blogging is just another avenue for this. When I started this blog I so just wanted it to be for me, somewhere where I could get my brain to start working after years of lying in bed unable to do anything, I felt that with improvements in my health it was time to start working on my mental capacity again and whilst doing that I could express all the other things that I like to keep myself busy/sane with. When I got my first follower, it felt so strange and almost embarrassing, but then the numbers started to grow and even though I still struggle to push the post button, I keep telling myself that this is my journey and my little space where it shouldn't matter whether I am liked or if people are interested or not. That is so much easier said than done, but like you said, it is so important to keep sight of who and what we are and not loose hold of that. Interestingly enough all the people I have met through my blog are just so lovely that they give me so much happiness, something I never expected in a million years and I appreciate every one of them and it makes me appreciate life even more so for me that's such a good thing. I love my little blog and even though there are days when I wonder whether it is worth pursuing, it is posts like this, that are so honest and true to all that makes me stick with it. Yes you are amazing and thanks for another great post!! Happy Sunday lovely lady xoxo

  9. Dear Heather,

    I am here, chiming in, to say how beautifully you expressed these feelings and how they mirror mine exactly.

    Recognition is important, yes, but on the otherhand I am aware that I am being true to myself in my blog and if the numbers crawl up it is perhaps because those that become members understand my style while many others will probably stay away.

    I'm just sending you a hug from France and telling you that you certainly seem like a wonderful woman.


  10. I blog for fun, I love too many blogs, I don't slow down and build up friendships (but I have a few real friends that I spend time with)in the blog world.... I have learned not to look at numbers or to feel peeved that somebody elses blog has a good number of followers/comments when I don't.
    I take the virtual world for what I need it to be at this moment; sort of a deeper peep into the windows of houses and a view of other's lives that remind me that there are good, decent, happy (or sad) people out there who have so many interests and enjoyments that match mine, I am not alone.
    Numbers are not the be all and end all. I'm with Stephanie. Perhaps you have a better link with the ones you have than if you had too many and no chance ever to get to know somebody?

  11. yes all true! very true!! I like this word "TRUE"!.....be true to yourself! X

  12. Oh yes, well said Heather. You've voiced things I've often thought of. For me the conversation, connections and inspiration are the most important part of blogging but the numbers do matter some - i'd be lying if I said otherwise. I have to say I love the GFC button as I read all my blogs through my blogger dashboard so it makes my life sooo much easier! xx

  13. Oh well said! How refreshing to read such honesty. Such a balance but I love the inspiration, conversation and community especially amongst the amazing creative crafty bloggers. I love your heart - hang it up right next to your computer to remind you of that truth about yourself. X

  14. Dear Heather - once again a beautifully heart-true post - you do it so well!
    There is so much I could say but I can't really add anything to the wonderful messages you've already received!
    Well, maybe just a few words: my numbers have not risen astronomically, but then I honestly don't want to have so many that I can't keep in regular touch with my lovely new-found friends! In the past - in fact at the very beginnings of my 'blogging' - I tended to feel hurt when no responses were coming forth from the 'famous' ones, even when they don't always seem to have a lot of messages to reply to - but now I just look to the true and lovely friends out there - like yourself - and do my best to keep in regular contact with all of you! And I am so inspired and encouraged by all of you!
    Lots of love to you dear Heather - you are amazingly honest, caring and true! I love your posts and your ways!
    Joy xo

  15. I love your blog - I don't always comment, sometimes do, but I always visit and always enjoy it!

  16. Love this post Heather - really admire your honesty and I recognise the desire for acknowledgement. I've being struggling a while with blogging and the stats are often disappointing, but it is such a thrill when someone does reply that I'm keeping going. Your blog is so diverse and true. Sometimes I feel I'm creating a person who isn't really me on here.

  17. I love the way you air these things ... taking us with you through a thought process that always ends somewhere wise.

    And can I make a suggestion that might make you feel even better about your numbers ... install statcounter.com on your blog (it's free, and you just need to hide a little bit of code in a sidebar widget). Google Friend Connect only measures who once clicked Follow, not who actually reads each post ... lots of people read via Bloglovin or Feedly or their own blog rolls and they go uncounted. And Google's page view counter isn't helpful as it counts all the visits from search engine bots and the like, i.e. it over counts. Stat counter will give you a daily unique visitor number ... real people who actually dropped by. I'm guessing there will be more than you think in any given week. Not that it matters, as you say, but we all like to know we're appreciated :)

  18. you have a great blog ^ ^
    you want to follow each other?
    follow me and let me know with a comment
    and follow you too :))


  19. Hello Heather
    ... just to say thank you and that I received labels today...
    they are adorable...!

    as i said you have a super wonderful creative talent...
    I am just about to post on my blog about it...

    bestest to you this weekend
    Daisy x

  20. I know exactly how you feel, I've been blogging since Jan and have 37 followers and part of me desperately wants the number to go up but for what intent and purpose. You are right, we can't follow, read and love every blog out there x