a little bit crafty.......

I have had a bit of a crafty week here. Probably because I have now finished my blanket and am feeling a little free! I still need to block it (if i do!) and am waiting for a bright day to photograph it but I will show you soon. I have been enjoying a flurry of crafty moments:-

This book by Kanako Yaguchi, The art of decorative paper stencils 2, appeals to me on so many levels. I do love paper crafts and it's been a while now. (You can see the little suitcase!) Kanako combines her travel memories of cities around the world with the art of paper cutting. It has a Japanese feel to the book and especially in the translations where she talks a lot about her memories of the air and the wind. This is a beautiful Japanese quality to me. She turns her work into illustrations and exhibitions. I feel very inspired.

These were the colours I had left with my origami paper. I love this combination. There is some patterned paper to try out with at the back of the book too. I'm imagining trying different mediums say newspaper print, and perhaps they could become cards or added to wrapping paper.

This week I discovered the work of Flora Bowley of  Brave Intuitive You. There is fantastic film here of her making her art. You absolutely must watch it! I think of myself as a crafter. Not an artist. Not really. Not yet anyway. But I was inspired to begin a little something small, just for myself really, that I thought I would share with you.

These were my Mum's watercolour paints. I have cut small squares of paper, and everyday I will paint one piece. It may just one colour, or maybe I will use crayons or pens. Or maybe I will stick something on it! Anything is allowed, and I will see where it takes me. It's only a small piece of paper so, no pressure just something. At the end of a month I will make a collage of all the pieces. Would you like to join me?!

I just felt like trying something new.

I have many art books which belonged to my Mum. I try to remember to open them up and keep a page open for inspiration, which I change around. I like this idea of intentional inspiration. I believe that things that we see everyday do inspire us subtly on a deeper level. This is my current page by the Impressionist Cubist, Jacques Villion. I also have books on street art and many different kinds of art. I like the idea of my son growing up with this kind of inspiration around him.

I do feel the need to be more creative in other areas of my life. I have got stuck in a rut, whether it's the food I'm eating or the clothes I'm wearing. More on that to come. I'm on the look out for inspiration, I feel like it's definitely in the air. A burst of inspiration is always a good thing :-)

I have been playing with china alphabet beads, sometimes it's the small things that bring pleasure!

and I do so want to create my life.
Well the sun's shining, so I will be off to soak some up while I can.
Enjoy the weekend,


  1. Such beautiful crafty things in today's post Heather! I love the way you are getting about the creative collage. I too used to love painting but post kids it has become a rarity to see me with a brush... Totally agree with getting into the rut feeling, same clothes same food same everyday musings, but nice to get up and get going as you have done :) Waiting to see your blanket....!!

  2. I spy with my little eye lots of colour, lots of texture, lots of inspiration! I feel a surge of creative energy from you...I can't wait to see where this artistic impulse will lead you! :) Chrissie x

  3. What a wonderful and uplifting post Heather. Thank you for inspiring me too, I want to create my life as well and am so grateful that I am this way inclined, I feel so much richer for it. The paper decoration stencils are glorious and I have also been enjoying playing with water colours making Christmas cards this year. Look forward to seeing all your new creations and blanket of course xox Penny

  4. Such a lovely post Heather. I really like your idea with the little squares and look forward to seeing what you end up with at the end of the month. I'm a crafter who's trying to explore my artistic side.
    Looking forward to seeing your blanket too :0)
    Jacquie x

  5. This post, dear Heather resonates with me. I agree with the need not to fall into a creative rut and I admire your artistic goals too. I hope you share with us your squares project too.

    Warmest wishes,


  6. A lovely, interesting & inspiring post - and I love your idea of painting a wee page every day. Looking forward to following your adventure with that. Have fun & enjoy creating! Happy weekend, xx

  7. Oh wow Heather, you are so INTERESTING! Such wonderful colours and shapes, such a lovely description of your paper stencil book and seeing your Mum's paint box and your Winsor and Newton sketch book really jolted me - I have similar in my cupboard and they haven't seen fresh air for a long long time. Love your idea of little square paintings - you'll finish up with a beautiful collage, I have no doubt! You are so inspiring, thank you! Warm hugs, Joy x

  8. Great post, you are so multi-talented! It's clear you must have such a steady hand to do all that delicate paper cutting like Rob Ryan. Love the idea of the alphabet beads as inspiration, and also the pretty raku (?) bowl.

  9. Love your use of colours..... Inspiring post.

  10. Ive been thinking of making some paper snowflakes and if youve just inspired me to start! Thanks. xx

  11. I just love your used of colour and the quality of the materials you work with. I think this is why you are probably an artist and I'm a crafter! I love the colours of the origami paper - pink, mint, black and white are so fresh and clean. I'm really taken with the idea of the paper mosaic. I know I wont have time this month but I'm looking forward to seeing how yours turns out. x

  12. It seems that there is this massive surge of creative energy going on around here and I love it! Gorgeous painting and I love the lovely paper stencils they are so pretty. That book looks wonderful and I am off to go and have a look at this film. A beautiful post filled with wonderful colour and creative goodness. xoxo

  13. Hi Heather, A lovely inspirational post!!! Can't wait to see your end of the month collage!!! And your blanket too!!! Have a happy crafty week!!

  14. fabulous - I love the pretty paper shapes and the alphabet beads!

  15. Those paper creations are pretty awesome. When I get into a rut I start painting still life and have another friend who draws bugs. :)

  16. the paper books looks amazing
    my husband is very good with paper

  17. What a great creative post! Love those paper snowflakes.
    I am dedicating next year to painting, looking forward to a whole new world x