mandala on my stool

a special gift from Cosmos and cotton
I am a lucky girl.
That's for sure.
Another lovely give-away gift. 

and not only that but this wonderfully crafty book Made by hand.
Beautiful soaps, candle dipping, tie-dye, knitting, crochet, braided rugs and some colourful coil bowls I would love to try making.
I am looking forward to diving in!

sweet wrapping, a homemade lavender cushion, chocolates!
and some very sweet baking labels.
I will try my best on that one I promise!
Thank you Hannapat for your wonderfully generous gifts.
I keep glancing around and noticing them.
It's lovely, it feels like a birthday :-) 


can I just make a little shop announcement : Mothers' day is coming up I have made a few dangly heart garlands and they are in my shop now. 

for mum!
I enjoyed making these. Time is a great healer. I only hope I get one!
Have a good week,



  1. Your gifts look really special. What a lovely new home they will have. Your hearts really are special. I love them. Hope you are having some happy suitcase days x x x

  2. Lovely lovely gifts from Hannapat for you Heather - hasn't she done a wonderful job and isn't it so nice to be the receiver of such beauty! Your hearts are looking gorgeous, and I'm sure you already have a very special one that you so well deserve!
    Happy Days to you lovely lady!
    Joy xo

  3. She sent you such pretty things. I know they will have a lovely new home with you.

  4. you lucky girl!!!!!!
    have a great week, xxxxxxx Ale

  5. Lucky girl and I love your hearts. Jacqui xx

  6. What lovely gifts to receive and your hearts are very pretty!! Sarah xo

  7. Such pretty things! Enjoy with them:)

    Lots of love...

  8. Hello lovely. I am so happy to they arrived and that I have brought a little smile to your face. That mandala looks very pretty there!! Sending you much love xoxo

  9. What lovely things that you received, I really like the mandala. Your garlands look very pretty too! xx

  10. What a lovely gift to receive!! Your hearts are so cute too!! Happy new week! xo Holly

  11. Oh that Hannapat, she did send you a wonderful parcel, didn't she!? I can feel the happiness through the photos! Chrissie x

  12. What beautiful gifts especially the mandala which looks perfect on your stool xx

  13. I am finding mandalas everywhere at the moment! I must have a go myself. Love your hearts, and your surprise gift is perfect for you!

  14. lovley blog♥
    gfc is not working, I cant follow, but I come back later♥
    greetings from germany

  15. hi seems ages ago, but I forgot to say thanks for the post. love the stool hx