A fresh start and all things berry!

I have a new routine. 
(It starts with early nights!)
7.30am. I am up on the top of the common. Not the first I note,
but definitely out there with the early walkers.
I arrive with the sun, or sometimes a soft mist.

The day is fresh and new.
The feeling of clearness and calm is tangible.
Wrapped in soft, vital air.
I march along, swinging my arms, a new route taking in a bit of climb.
Heart pumping, lungs working.
I marvel at how good it feels.
This is my daily exercise.
The gym membership is cancelled......!
I wear my clothes for the day.
I only need to show up and it's all there for free. 

I stop to fill my beaker with blackberries.
Bursting, ripe, vitamins.
Some are tucked away in the freezer, apple and blackberry crumble this winter.

The berries are bursting and abundant.    
The hawthornes are the reddest of red.
I can't remember noticing them like this before.
One of my hardy cabin folks tells this means it will be a cold winter.

I admire the lovely calves.
This one was born yesterday, a few metres from the road!
I phoned the herald of the common and was surprised to hear that the calving takes place on the common too.
He had been watching out for this one and already knew what was happening.
So this one day old is already wandering slowly along with Mum, feeding and looking around.

There's been a lot of this going on.
Random road crossings.
Drivers having to be patient.
Let the horns cross first!

Swan stretch!
This one made my laugh. What a great stretch. There's actually a great sign there for a scratch.
Now if I could go home and do some yoga too,
I would really be flying. 
I plan on building this into my week too.

At home we had birthday waffles with gorgeous ripe strawberries, sugar and Agave syrup. 
I had to include these.
I don't bake much,
but I can make waffles!

Last but not least,
I have had this chunky berry wool for a while, and this is it's moment.
I have quickly made up a chunky cowl,
almost finished.
So quick with a 9mm crochet hook.
So I will be very berry ready for the cold!


  1. What a nice day! You start with a walk in the nature and finish with waffles and chunky crochet !

  2. A truly delightful day and ending with la crème du la crème a crochet project it doesn't get any better than that.

  3. Lovely post! We've just come back from the common and noticed how many blackberries there was up there and if anyone was picking them. You've answered our question! Oh and the tiny calves. We saw one that looked like it had only just been born. It made lots of noise though! Looking forward to seeing you on the common in your gorgeous cowl....I won't be up there at 7.30am though! Xx

  4. You inspire. The berry yarn, what luxury and fally color. sigh, e

  5. such a great way to start your day!!!!! I'm a morning girl, too : I love the first hours of the sun shining up in the sky!!!! cranberries and matching crochet : how wonderful!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  6. A wonderful way to start the day, looking forward to seeing the cowl, it been all berries here today to, I've been making beaded blackberries for my Autumn wreath. My Nan was a country girl and always used to say that about the berries and winter
    Clare x

  7. That sounds like a fabulous day to me, and love your berry crocheted cowl - that will indeed serve you well on wintery days.
    Have a happy weekend,

  8. such a lovely post, always enjoy your blog ;0) xxxx

  9. I hope that your fresh starts are wonderful every day. xx

  10. Lovely post Heather! You sound really happy. Love your new cowl and those waffles look amazing! Bee xx

  11. What a great start to the day.. And you make waffles? I'm coming over! :)

  12. What better way to start the day!
    Jacqui x

  13. Hi Heather! Sounds like the perfect start to a day!!! I love the early clean freshness of early mornings!!!! And absolutely nothing wrong with ending it with yummy scrumptious waffles!!!!! Love the very berry color of your new cowl!!! Hope you have a happy and colorful week!!!

  14. A very berry post indeed. And I'm liking your fresh start. Will you keep at it even through the dark mornings? Go you!

  15. All sounds and looks very good for the soul and mind....keep it up x

  16. Such magnificent beasts, but blimey - they did scare us 'a lot' when we visited.

    Nina x

  17. What a lovely place for a walk, it looks like somewhere I go sometimes. How wonderful to see such a new little calf. I love the cowl, it will be just right for this time of year. I'm happy to have found your blog, I shall look forward to following along.

  18. Oh, what a lovely post! I love the look of that berry red cowl. I like working with chunky yarn and big hooks, it's so satisfying how fast the crochet goes. :-) x

  19. Oooooooohhhhh
    I love the cow with her baby!