drink and light, december reflections

6.40am drink
Sometimes I wonder why I'm making myself dash out the door so early when the way my life is right now means it could all wait until later. But this works for me. It makes my day feel as though it works better to get up early and that I'm stepping into the flow of life, right at the beginning.

The first thing I do is make tea. Always. Fair trade with soya milk. This is how my day begins, my first drink. Although I don't think of it as a drink really, it's just tea. It follows me around the house dutifully, as I ready myself to step out into the still darkness. I pull on the extra layers.

I'm heading up to the common, winding my way up the steep road in the car, lights on, passing all the other early morning commuters weaving their way by foot and car and bikes, reflective gear on. The day is in motion. I'm going to meet the light as it rises.

golden light
The air is clear and sharp and cold. I walk along greeting the other fellow dog-walkers as we huddle and wave under our layers. I curse my not warm enough hat and question my early morning sanity, but with my new camera swung around my neck and the light emerging I know it's worth it.


  1. Lovely post! There is something special about early morning. It's worth getting up and facing the cold to experience it.

  2. There is something about a cold December morning, definitely worth getting up for.

  3. I love to be out and about in the early morning by myself. I was just saying to my husband that it's one thing I miss about being a student. I always chose the earliest possible classes for myself.

  4. ….. cold? What is cold?????? ;oD
    Put a warmer hat on your head! xxxxxx Ale

  5. Best time of the day. Magical light!

  6. It really is a magical time of the day for me too!!!! Just me, slowly starting a fresh new day!!! Have a happy weekend!!!