A calm and fragrant moment this morning. I kicked my heels in and spent a slow morning just pottering. I tipped some cinnamen and orange oil on my candle wax. They were the most christmassey oils I could find in my collection. I pulled a Goddess Oracle card, from my long forgotten pack. I knew any of the cards would have a message for me, but I was pleased to discover it was Ix Chel, goddess of creativity.

I think we can creatively imagine our lives. Choose to focus on where we are moving towards, how it would feel and be. I must confess, today I have struggled a bit with this. And chosen to focus on how it has been and what I don't want. It feels kind of acute. Maybe it's necessary. I don't want to fixate on impossible things, because I don't think it's helpful. I'm considering making some kind of mood board over the holidays. Just for everything, because it feels like it needs to be for everything!

I'm finding these daily posts really helpful. It's almost like a mediation. It keeps bringing me back to myself. I'm kind of checking back in. Helpful for letting the strong impressions of the day dissolve back into nothing. Just letting it pass. A breathing out.

The very lovely wool felt art snowman card was made by my friend Lucy, you can see more of her artwork here.

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