Each year at the Dog-walkers Christmas tree on the common, people come bearing gifts for the local dogs home. The gifts of dog food, treats and toys and donations are left each day in the red box, and dutifully emptied by the Christmas tree elves. It's wonderful. Tinsel billowing and sparkling on the Hawthorne tree on top the windy hill. It's the annual Christmas pilgrimmage to see the tree!

Life continually surprises me at the way our many gifts reach us. And they don't all come on the back of Santa's sleigh. Although I will be listening out at the night time, for the sleigh bells. There is definitely magic out there. I am a believer. Ho ho ho!



  1. What a fantastic idea, especially when the dogs home will need all the help it can get. Have a wonderful Christmas xx

  2. Happy Christmas Heather, have a magical time xo

  3. I'm a believer, too!!! Ho Ho Ho!
    Buon Natale, xxxxxx Ale

  4. What a lovely idea! I've never seen anything like that before, thanks for sharing xx