love is....,


Okay, okay, so maybe there's not so much of  this going on in my world right now. But you never know what's around the corner!

I might actually dare to share my independant life one day, in a way that includes a little bit of romance and togetherness. I just might.

But first I need to make sure I know how to have a good relationship with myself. So that whoever comes along can reflect that back to me in a positive way.

And it might seem just a bit scary too. 


  1. You are so right! :) And love will come along where and when you least expect it!

  2. thats soooo true, finding the inner love for yourself first will reflect the real you to find the right soul matey. i truly believe this, it took me a long time to find the right person... its funny though i still go for walks alone and do my own things i think its healthy in any relationship to have your own time too. id reached a real low before i met my soul matey, its funny how good things happen when you least expect them to xxxx have a fabby new year

  3. I hope that you will love you in 2015 and perhaps find that someone new to start to share things with too once you are happy with you! Happy New year! xx

  4. It is lovely when love happens when you least expect it. I loved watching my Grandparents who during the day led their separate lives and right until my Grandma died, they would then spend their evenings talking incessantly about what happened during the day. They met unexpectedly and were two different souls but couldn't live without each other. Good luck with 2015!! xx

  5. hello Heather ~ the little Love Is image brought back lots of memories. our local newspaper posted them in the 70's and I'd clip them out and paste them in a little scrapbook :-)
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and wishing all the Very Best for 2015 xo

  6. Synchronicity --- and serendipity --- and the Godesses of the Cosmos have just this a.m. led me to your blog and I am over the moon so excited to have found 'you'. :) I find my 'self' in a new time of beginning to 'shed' and 'lighten the load'---- especially materially, and I'm simply overwhelmed by it all---so much STUFF . I love that you post every day. You are going on the top of my blog list. Your 'space' soothes me. Thank you and happiest of holidays to you, my new best friend. :)