a little sad to be putting away christmas.....

But whole heartedly happy to be able to wear these, (now that I've shown you of course!). I've made them a little shorter than the pattern, more like wrist warmers, because I like to wear them all the time, including driving in them. This way I can easily push them up above my hands, and do householdy things while wearing them!

Yesterday was a bit of wobble in this house.
A wave of energy arrived from another household. I picked up the teenager and also the roller coaster of energy from difficult happenings he was carrying. Transitions in this house are tricky. Everything needs to land again. Frought difficulties between the adults and other children there, came home with him. It effects us all. We are all connected. We're all part of his life. His family.

There's a kind of download, which always catches me unawareness. A sensitivity which then reacts to any reaction I have. I was totally caught out, before I remembered that the best thing I can do is let it just roll past, let him process it. Try not to interact too much with it, and stay neutral and present. Otherwise I put myself in the line of fire. So I felt a bit challenged in my thinking. Teenagers are good like that. I felt like some wrong belief had been exposed. Because I tried to keep my boundaries intact. I wasn't prepared to jump at some suddenly new ideas. I ended feeling maybe I was wrong and needed to think differently? Perhaps there will be a different approach I could adopt to the story in the end. 

Or maybe that's the voice of doubt speaking. Perhaps at some point I could build more bridges again. But I need to know I'm moving forwards with my life first. It can be so easy to get swept up in other peoples lives. It's so difficult for him to be the child in the middle of everyone. As you get older the adults begin to tell you more things, which you then have to take on and process. It's not easy, I do feel for him.

So here we are back to bare January again. Bare branches, a new beginning of projects to reach out to the new year in. I was grateful to remember to stretch and craft to take my mind somewhere else.

An indulgent post of pink and blue. To create some January cheer. This packaging is gorgeous, I keep noticing lovely packaging!

and can I just show you my Texas cowboy card! So cool. Thank you Tammy.

The lovely fingerless glove pattern is from Maiike at crejjion.


  1. Oh those wristwarmers look wonderful. I love the scalloped stitch. I hope 2015 holds good things in store for you x

  2. Being presentbut not engaging until asked is a challenge for me. Thank you for your inspirational words, I will do my best to apply them to my situation and wish you good things as the year unfolds. I too share your delight in packaging.

  3. I love your wristwarmers! Such a pretty color and stitch. Enjoy them! Have a wonderful week.

  4. Yes, I'm a packaging fan too (I love Oriental supermarkets best - all that colour!)
    Wishing you a wonderful 2015 and happy days to come.

  5. Hello Heather,
    Beautiful header photos!
    Your wrist warmers are lovely - the blue is gorgeous. I've knitted and crocheted a few pairs and wear them all the time too. I even slip them over my "dressy" gloves for added warmth :-)
    Had some catching up to do with your posts. Love your Earth Pathways Diary, Guiding Word choice for 2015 & Louise Hay quote ♥ Do you have an IG account? I just started one and love it!
    Happy New Year ~ always enjoy stopping by and reading your posts xo

  6. I never mind packing away Christmas and am always quite ready for it come January.

    If I'm learning anything about teens is that it won't last forever and staying calm, not reacting, is helping a lot.

    Take care and warm wishes for 2015. Xx

  7. Love the wrist warmers. All the best for 2015.