The here and now and a photography course....

looking out over the blue yonder
So here I am today. So many things to say. Which way shall I go? What to say. Shall I talk about the little glimmers of spring or the cold, cold north wind blowing up here on the common. Shall I talk about recent inspirations, shop news, making and creating. Yesterday was a day I spent thinking about my shop, catching ideas. My work space is looking like 'post-it-note central'. Choices to make. Ideas to bring into reality. I'm feeling a beautiful wave of energy right now of inspiration, and the exciting feeling that I really am following my creative process. My work room, feels like my sweet blissful space to be in right now, warm and sunny, if the weathers right, and I'm trying to work my life out so that I can spend more time in there.

is it spring yet! 
Of course this wonderful feeling of inspiration and magic co-exists with other things. I could talk about my inner or my outer world. Or I could scratch below the surface and talk about what's happening there? The deeper aspects, the deeper grit. Because we all know that grit will be there. We don't all talk about this. I probably share a bit more than others and a lot less than some. Sometimes it not ours to share, and we can only try and work out what our relational part in the story is. I do really love to look around the web at all the beautiful creativity and inspiration I find there. I am a visual junkie. But sooner or later I will have to go and look for more. More depth, more meaning, more story, find that connection.

a speedy lunch enjoying the sunshine.
A couple of days ago I listened to an audio class with Susannah Conway, talking about the value of 'sharing our story'. She talked about the pure alchelmy that can occur when we do this and the value of each of our stories. Whether we do that in journals, or with another person or out in the world. Or maybe we don't want to share that messy, dirty story with anyone. And that's okay too. But the story is transforming, because it's our story, and there will be value in it. Remember that piece of grit that begins the pearl. We are all part of a beautiful shining string of pearls. So we can let our story work it's magic whatever it is.

If you would like to listen to her podcast you would need to subscribe to her newsletter here and then you can enter her inspiration library.

tea pot daffs!
And so another thing, while I'm talking about this here. Intuition, information, direction.....do you ever get it. Or should I say how do you receive it, because I'm sure we all do, in some form or other.
How does life prompt you, push you in the right direction. Show you the way.....For me it's always as I wake. I just become aware of strange and random things, just momentarily. Images, words, briefly. Sometimes they make no sense at all.....and yes I'm taking a deep breath at sharing this here.

So the other day when I awoke I saw the words 'ink on pink'....strange. No idea about that. Later that day I felt suddenly tired and just had to catch an unusual 40 winks. As I awoke I saw the image of a little black and white tudor house, with a red front door and a thatched roof. I thought okay, am I going to live here or is this house in my future somewhere. Where is this house? My next though was.....Paddington, I was thinking okay Paddington station, Paddington bear, marmalade....no idea. Is this a bit bizarre. It is isn't it. Well in for a penny.

all ears! - just because.
So later that day I received Susannah's newsletter talking about her new photography course, beginning today, Photo meditations. A five week course. Hmmm. I could do with this I thought. It sounded good. Then somehow I found myself having a quick look at her instagram, for the first time. Now I am very new to instagram. I'm even reluctant to leave a link because I have no photos there yet. There are some people who I follow along with, but I've not been able to join in. Anyway there in the middle of the screen, was that little house. A black and white tudor thatched house, with a red door. A place she had walked past. Now Susannah has moved back to London more recently. Probably not Paddington....but for me that is the gateway to London coming in on the train. Oh and her first blog was called 'ink on my fingers'!.......and then I knew, I had to do this course. An on-line course. The first for me.

So I have splurged, it's a treat. I'm a little scared, but her december reflections was such a good thing for me to do. I'm a little worried I will be out of my depth and have to pull something out of myself which I might not be able to find or maybe isn't there. But I know that I need to tell my doubt some things of value about myself and it will be okay. I have already had some nice re-assuring emails about the course, and the first lesson has arrived today! It might not be too late if anyone else wants to join in. It begins today. You might get sent a discount voucher if you do subscribe.

So I don't know, things may go quiet here. I may go into photographer mode, or I may not! Last night I dream't I was mugged while wearing my camera, and when I looked down they had taken my lense off. I think it was an anxiety dream about instagram! and learning to use my smartphone for photography. Good job the course covers that. Phew! Catch you along the way. x



  1. Funnily enough I live near Paddington in Notting Hill :0) So glad you took the leap and joined us, hon! xx

  2. I hope you will enjoy your classes :) can't wait to see you at instagram!

  3. Hurrah, I've done Susannah's Journal Your Life course and I loved it. I seem to remember that I had lots of magical whispers going on when I was trying to decide to do it or not, I think that Susannah sends out magic to gather her flock in :) I know for a fact that you are going to have the best time ever, can't wait to hear all about it xxx

  4. wishing you lots of luck with your course sounds like it is meant to be! where will it take you next?
    lots of love Daisy j
    Ps Make yourself known on instagram soon Its my favourite and I bet you will be good at it...x

  5. I feel sure you are going to have, are already having, the best time on that course x