Keeping on rolling...

sweet smelling hawthorne blossom on the common
I think I began my blog just after my birthday four years, although I have been quiet of late. I recently tried to get the process moving again, in a slightly awkward and different kind of way. It would be fair to say that my blog is probably going through some kind of personality crisis. Am I a crochet blog? will I be a creative maker? or a de-cluttering/simple living writer. Will I let go of most of my possessions, build a tiny house on wheels and roll of into the sunset, or to the sea? Will I go off on a midlife wildwoman adventure and live in my car or a van, crocheting wonderful shawls and breathing in the air at that awesome place where the land meets the sea?  And what will I do about the teenager?

the wildflowers are dancing
Or is it about me and my soul searching, and how much am I prepared to talk about it?  And if you had read my last posts you would see there was also a whole lot of blaming going on there too. One of my least admirable traits. Not pretty. I know. I also know that whatever we can see in someone else is a pretty clear indication of what's going on in us, so I humbly say that, yes indeed I have felt pretty stuck myself recently.

the common is in it's sweet meadow place right now
But I think I might be about to turn a corner. Just quietly you know. In a kind of no one else will probably notice kind of way. I tend to roam this green and lovely planet mostly on my own these days, with my little dog at my heels. In fact only this morning I thought to myself, I only want to be up on this common, or at home doing my things, or else down there on our lovely south west coast line touring around. Oh and if this is a wishlist of  kinds then a few little European adventures, wouldn't go amiss, one day. And what would I do on this journey you might ask? well that is a good question and I can't answer that right now. Perhaps I would find some wares to make along the way. I would run my little etsy shop on route. Perhaps it would just be a spring to autumn time adventure. Or maybe the teenager, would need me around more than I think. So perhaps I will become a weekend adventurer!... Well a girl can dream can't she.

my little dog on the common
You can see my blog roll has changed now. It speaks to me more of the need to free up my life, reduce my possessions, live life a little differently. Open up the possibility for adventure. Let it out.

I'm very inspired by what Amanda Sandlin atwildwomen is doing, with her creative adventures, even though she is so much younger. So here I am at 47 and I still feel like it's all ahead of me, but in a different way.

frothy cowparsley
So until I work it out I will continue to wander and scheme about it all, and really that is the fun bit! So I won't be giving up this space any time soon. I need it to contain all my dreams and makings and some tough bits too. And yes there have been makings, I have a few things to show you soon.

butterfly wrap - my little red suitcase
I imagine myself wrapping this shawl around me with it's soft chunky yarn to keep me warm while the sunsets and the waves lap at the shore....while I breathe in the fresh air and clear space that I am making in my life, and feel held there. Looking after my life in a way that works for me and for my son too.


Quick update on where I am around the web:-

My blog - here to stay! (see my first little red suitcase post!)

Instagram - yes,yes!..but also no, no! in the way that it sucks life out of any other time to do anything else creative, needs mindfulness.

Flickr - I still love the photos here.

My shop - Just updated and plan on trying to make it happen.

Pinterest - Surprisingly inspiring and useful, used with intention. 


  1. What is life without a dream or two...I intend to live the dream one day!

  2. Dear Heather, the meadow that you've shared with us, along with your thoughts, is a beautiful place. Living in the crowded city like mine, I find serenity just looking at your photographs. And smiled at the close up view of your pup, who clearly also enjoys the meadow. I read John Lewis-Stempel's Meadowland and am now beginning his new book, The Running Hare. Perhaps these are strange choices for a city person, perhaps not.
    Let your blog be whatever you wish it to be. No need to fit into any sort of category. Well, that's part of the joy I've found in blogging.
    Best wishes to you as you explore the possibilities that each new day offers. xo

  3. 47 is a good age; having just crossed over into 48, I can truthfully say there is something so concentrating about it! I'm looking forward to reading how your life improves as you simplify and reduce it... I'm thinking of that in a cooking way, where a simplified jus is more intense and packed with flavour with fewer ingredients, yes?

    1. Having just made tea with only a few ingredients, just randomly, and quite unusually, it worked! I would have to say I agree:-)

  4. I'm sure you'll figure it out, Heather. Your blog has always been interesting and inspiring and I plan to continue following along. :)

  5. I have about a decade on you and going through the same thought processes.

    Just wanted to say "you go girl!". Wherever it takes you...I'll be along for the ride

  6. Your blog is soo inspiring, no matter which way you choose to go! Take care Heather! someone in Poland is thinking about you :)

  7. Oh look only 2 months late!... I'm glad you're still here after your last post Heather, but thank you for your instagram posts. Know what you mean about blogs... lots of people I followed have seemingly stopped in their tracks, no idea why we do it, rambling on or just visuals, it seems it's something that just happens when we feel like it, people post once in a month then like busses you get 3 in a row, sometimes I wonder if any body is out there, but secretly I don't think we care any way do we? take care x


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