Tuesday, 19 June 2012

just gone to the shop!

At last I have finished off these three cushions and popped them into the local shop. They will let me know in two weeks whether they will be able to sell them.

I have given them a selection of three different kinds. I love them all. It's tempting to keep them! I finished them off with some plain heavier cotton which I thrifted. In an envelope style. I do like the idea of having more colour on the reverse but thought I would keep it simple for now.

The back of these actually have a woolgenie label on them. I am waiting for some new labels. Woolgenie will always have a place close to my heart as that's how it all started....

I do love making these. A little bit of crochet in the evenings and before you know it, you have another cushion! I think my favourite is the grey design, but I'm really enjoying the colours in the large granny cushion. I tried to avoid pinks and purples in this one, imagining it sitting in a big leather armchair, possibily in a more male environment. How cool would that be in someones office?! Not saying men shouldn't like pink and purple of course......

off to conjure up some tea now,