a few healthy summer things!

mean green juice
This is good! I've made a couple of these and have the ingredients for more in my fridge. I haven't done any juicing for a long time. This tastes zingy and healthy, and if I say here now that I will be drinking this later, I hope to stick to it! I found my way to this inspiring post from tales of ted and agnes, watched the film and found the recipe. If you want to try it follow this reciepe :-

                                      a bunch of kale,
                                      4 celery sticks,
                                      1 cucumber,
                                      2 granny smith apples,
                                      half a peeled lemon,
                                      ginger root.

Feels seriously healthy!

flowers from the garden
Remembering to pick flowers from the garden and bring them inside. It's all nice now, include some herbs if you can. I must try out some herbal teas, home made style. Yesterday I forwent my daily coffee. I have been feeling quite caffeined out in the last few days. Time to remember to drink some summer drinks instead of endless teas!

remember to breathe!
Yes, breathing is always a good thing.....especially after too much coffee....!
Oh and did I mention mercury has been retrograde for the last couple of weeks, please don't ask me to explain, because I don't think I can! but as the planet of communication, you may have found yourself talking utter codswallop. That should end and we will can all start making sense again!

thrifted sandals = happy toes
If you don't like toes, look away now!................

Thrifted sandals, love the little cross stitch. I'm very chuffed, almost new, my toes are very happy in these.

Happy little pink piggies........sorry!

homemade tick repellent
I have made a tick repellent. There really are a lot of these nasties around this year. Be careful walking through long grass, meadows and woodland. Cover up if you can or wear a repellent. There is a lot of talk of Lymes being spread, and this not a nice illness. It can be treated early if you notice a bite with a rash or white ring around it and have flu like symptoms with a course of anti-biotics. I found this natural tick repellent here. Apparently the ticks really dislike rose geranium. Thankfully I do like it and I have also added a few drops of lavender. I spray my legs before I go for a walk and also the dog. It makes a lovely feel good spray mist. Not for babies and cats though.

my view of the valley
I feel there may be some kind of pause here. The need to kick back and relax is there, as well as all the summer cleaning and maintenance chores which are calling. I've been having a little jig around here and would like to carry on straightening things up a bit, having a bit of tidy in all the places I seem to find myself, technology wise! I would also like to put more attention to my shop and grow this. There is only so long that is comfortable to be sitting in front of a screen in the summer I think. The need to move and stretch out a bit more is definitely calling.

I must tell you, this bag has become my summer outfit and I am really loving it. It's just adding that bit of summer brightness that I need. There may be no going back now. Homemade and handmade is the way forward. Dig out those vintage linens and create!

Hope you manage to kick back with some healthy moments, find a colourful rug and enjoy a summer view from somewhere,  drink long summer drinks. Breathe out. X


  1. Hello Heather
    Mercury being retrograde might well explain a few things in my life! Thank you for the nudge toward more healthy eating/living - I have just picked some lemon verbena and will have that instead of tea today.
    I have just returned from working away from home for a few days and took my little red suitcase with me (not dissimilar to the yours on the right) - unfortunately it decided to burst open on the Northern Line, southbound, rush hour...oh well at least an old woman's pants does not create too much of a stir. I managed to get some elastic bands to keep it all together (not my knickers!).
    Lovely view across your valley - how peaceful and just what I need at the moment
    Thank you for calling in and your messages made me laugh

    Best wishes

    1. Dear Jenny, I do hope you managed to stay calm during your knicker fiasco on the Northern line..... I'm so happy you were carrying elastic bands. I'm sure you and your red suitcase cheered up rush hour enormously!......and I was thinking lemon verbena could be the order of the day too. X

  2. I have just got back from a holiday of over indulgence! I will certainly try out your recipe to get myself back on track. Your little heart is a real delight.

  3. Didn't think it was possible to have too much coffee!!! At least not for me anyway!!!! ! I absolutely looooooove the view from your veranda!!! How do you ever move yourself from there??!!!! We also have a tick problem over here and what I do is: add a few drops of citronella oil to a tub of aqueous cream and mix - works really well!!! Have a super happy fun filled week!!!
    AMarie xxx

    1. I know it's crazy, but for me the problem is actually taking the time to sit there!.....thanks for citronella tip. I need to check if citronella is okay for dogs as well. X

  4. Hi Heather, I like the sound of your tick repellant. Can I ask where you got the Rose Geranium oil.
    Jacquie x

    1. Hi Jacquie, it was my local health food shop. I've just had a look to if they sell this by mail order, but it doesn't seem so. I think you would find this online, and on etsy there are many already made up. Good luck. X

    2. This product is by Amour natural, it's available on Amazon.

  5. Oh my! I'm sure you don't mind that I'm moving in with you next week?! That view! Your view! It's amazing! And that granny blanket is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s... I have to keep looking at it... The colours are extremely yummy... And that juice, mmm, definitely on my making list for this week.
    Okay, off to packing my suitcase. See you soon. ;-)

    1. a very lucky thrifted blanket indeed! X

  6. I am loving your view...amazing. Have a lovely week.

  7. What a lovely view! I hope you manage to avoid the ticks this season. I loathe them. Maybe even more than snakes. :-)

  8. Such nice things to be happy about this summer. Those sandals are beautiful, what a find!

  9. I love the sandals and the colour of your nail polish!! It reminds me that I really must paint mine now that summer is officially here! xx

  10. My friend visited today and I made us a jug of lemon verbena flavoured iced water and threw in some alpine strawberries for prettiness :-)
    I love that crochet edged heart
    Tracey xxx

  11. Fun post, and educational too! Love lavender so spritzing legs before a walk sounds a great idea!

  12. I loved your post Heather, uplifting from start to finish and I think your little pink piggy toes look lovely and comfy! Happy days to you, xoJoy

  13. I have really love all your last summery post. just looking at them now fill be will ideas for the day. rose geranium is my favorite sent. thanks heather. i just know if we ever meet you are a knidly sort.

    1. I like the idea of being a knidly sort! X

  14. Lots of loveliness on this post! I really must try juicing, and that tick repellent sounds great ... love Rose Geranium! Your sandals are a great find, and the pink tootsies look fab!

    Have a great day

    Love Claire xx

  15. Good on you with the health kick.....hope it goes well! :) x

  16. I am always SO excited when there is a new post up here! Thanks Heather!
    I had never realized you lived in such an amazingly beautiful, green place! Oh my, that view is amazing! My dream.
    I can't wait to visit your area one day!
    Thanks for the rose geranium tip, also.
    Monica xoxo

  17. I love your sandals and I will be making that juice, thanks!

  18. Seriously healthy is never a bad thing.

    Nina x

  19. Would you believe I have never had one of these green smoothies? I have so many friends that are juicing and tell me how delicious it is, but then there is me thinking "Ahhh yes, but it's green!!!"... lol. I have tried cucumber water and lemon water though. I hear that cucumber is very cleansing and one of the best things for you, also kale is my new love, I put it in a lot of foods.
    I love your sandals, they don't look second hand at all! They look brand new. I live in sandals this time of year, Texas is so brutally hot that I wouldn't be able to survive in much else!!
    I hope you're having a good week,
    Much love,
    PS... Your flowers are gorgeous!

  20. That juice sounds divine. I saw a recipe somewhere for kale, melon and lime juice (I think) and thought that looked pretty delicious. I don't have a juicer though, and kale smoothie is a bit harder work... The view over the valley from your home is incredible. Your sandals are gorgeous, a great find, and useful info about the ticks, thank you. x