slaying the dragon......

It's a funny thing coming here today. I wanted to catch the thought of this strange, or perhaps not so strange idea of a double edge sword I find myself travelling along. I love this visual place of ideas and inspiration. I could honestly say that most of the things I do or aspire to do have sprung from this online world, over the last couple of years. For me inspiration is what moves me. Really quite literally.

But the truth of the matter is this.......,
as I look around I can see quite clearly what I'm not.
I'm not saying this is a bad thing.
Maybe it's a very necessary thing. Maybe it's helps with right now.

you see I'm not creating a blog which is stampeding along.
I'm not running a busy on-line shop.
I'm not on a weight loss programme.
Or jogging, or stretching. 
I'm not going on lots of family days out. 
I'm not making or designing anything.
I'm not cooking interesting things. Or baking.
I'm not doing a 30 day anything.
I am not being radical.
I'm not having enough positive discussions about what's going to happen in September either. 
I not sure what it is I am doing.
but it seems to take up most my time.

Actually I've been rather good at letting the comparison dragon, take over today, and it's kind of blocking me from connecting to be honest.....or honestly connecting!

and I need to slay it. 

Self-acceptance come out come out wherever you are!


oh ladies of the friday flea.....

vintage linens
Oh ladies of the friday flea, we do love you so, especially when you say 20p an item!

Please excuse the random photos in this post. I managed to lose all my holiday photos, before I could even look at them.....which can only mean I will need to go back there one day. I was looking forward to showing you the lovely beach at Durdles Door and reliving the lovely heatwave dip in the sea..... But not the treacherous climb to the beach!.....I think I'm okay with it, I have to let them go, although I'm trying to persuade the teen to get some of his instagram photos printed.

It's just another sign that I need a new camera and to try and hustle that up to the top of the list. Sometimes we just have to work with what we've got.

vintage hangers - I know what I'm going to do with these!
So I am back, and hello again. I didn't plan on it being such a long break, but somehow the loss of the photos seemed to leave my blog at the last post about the seven mile peace scarf for several weeks. Somehow I feel like it was the least I could do. I wish I had supported Jaine of Beeswax and Broomsticks more in her Wool against weapons quest.

The last 18 months or so for her must have been hugely challenging. I'm sure she would have felt as though her life had been taken over by this scarf. I confess when she told me about it I felt that it was just too much to make happen..... But she did it..... I can only look on in awe at the level of commitment that must have taken. How do you get 6,000 pieces of one metre length scarf made and sent to you?!.... You can see a 5 minute film of the day the scarf was rolled out here. Didn't they do well.

vintage embroidery brooch
Before my holiday I made a few embroidery brooches. I have decided it's all together easier to chop up napkins, rather than large table cloths, and that it would probably be fun to learn to embroider a few myself. Brooches that is not tablecloths.

vintage letter stamps
I'm looking forward to using these again. I'm still very much hoping to put more energy into my shop. For me this summer has been more about shuffling things around at home, fixing broken things (or finding someone who can!) summer jobs. The eternal quest to de-clutter. Making home, it's so very important to me.

blue bird toffees
So I'm glad I managed the summer holiday mission with the teen. He agreed to come. We both tried. It's hard to please a nearly 16 year old who wants to hang out and a Mum who wants to gallavant around the countryside having little coastal adventures! compromises were made. Maybe a little bit of new ground was found too. A bit of a space from the uncertainty that has surrounded us. I can see this newly growing up teenager now another year older and pretty grown up sometimes, becoming more ready to step into some new possibilties in a stronger way. The ground is feeling pretty solid beneath our feet right. I am so thankful really. Sometimes life can seem a little quiet. But I think quiet and steady is what we need right now.

It's great to say hi again. Thanks for coming by. Hope to catch up more soon. X