A fresh start and all things berry!

I have a new routine. 
(It starts with early nights!)
7.30am. I am up on the top of the common. Not the first I note,
but definitely out there with the early walkers.
I arrive with the sun, or sometimes a soft mist.

The day is fresh and new.
The feeling of clearness and calm is tangible.
Wrapped in soft, vital air.
I march along, swinging my arms, a new route taking in a bit of climb.
Heart pumping, lungs working.
I marvel at how good it feels.
This is my daily exercise.
The gym membership is cancelled......!
I wear my clothes for the day.
I only need to show up and it's all there for free. 

I stop to fill my beaker with blackberries.
Bursting, ripe, vitamins.
Some are tucked away in the freezer, apple and blackberry crumble this winter.

The berries are bursting and abundant.    
The hawthornes are the reddest of red.
I can't remember noticing them like this before.
One of my hardy cabin folks tells this means it will be a cold winter.

I admire the lovely calves.
This one was born yesterday, a few metres from the road!
I phoned the herald of the common and was surprised to hear that the calving takes place on the common too.
He had been watching out for this one and already knew what was happening.
So this one day old is already wandering slowly along with Mum, feeding and looking around.

There's been a lot of this going on.
Random road crossings.
Drivers having to be patient.
Let the horns cross first!

Swan stretch!
This one made my laugh. What a great stretch. There's actually a great sign there for a scratch.
Now if I could go home and do some yoga too,
I would really be flying. 
I plan on building this into my week too.

At home we had birthday waffles with gorgeous ripe strawberries, sugar and Agave syrup. 
I had to include these.
I don't bake much,
but I can make waffles!

Last but not least,
I have had this chunky berry wool for a while, and this is it's moment.
I have quickly made up a chunky cowl,
almost finished.
So quick with a 9mm crochet hook.
So I will be very berry ready for the cold!


Summers end

It's taken me all summer to finally pick up my crochet hook. I was a little wary of being pulled in to something new. (What about all those wips for starters?). I found my way back in with Hannapat's monthly mandalong. Following the pattern here. This was fun, I keep admiring it. Simple things! Simple pleasures.

mini granny mandala
The summers end for us as well as the beginning of a new school year has always meant a birthday. This boy of mine who was born when the sunflowers were opening and who has indeed always been willowy and fair, and now almost a head taller than me. And who I now have to look up towards to wag my finger at. Although this practice works no longer in fact it may not have worked at all. Negotiation and de-escalation has now taken it's place.

time for sunflowers
The sunflowers have been brought. The presents are secretly wrapped. I love this wrapping. It reminds me of the colouring books I loved and my felt tips. I would spend hours colouring in those patterns.

sunflower boy is 16!
As I type I realize there is probably lots to bring you up to date with. This year we are beginning a new regime. It's called Hope training. A local project run by The Door youth project. I have been worrying about it all summer. It means stepping away from the secondary education system, which for one reason and another hasn't really worked for us. So it's quite a plunge. But it seems like a positive place, where they meet you, where you are actually at. A place to be accepted and acknowledged for who you are and to build up confidence. It's a big letting go of a system that hasn't been able to meet our needs and stepping into our own path. Officially we will be counted as home-schoolers, although at this stage I wouldn't really have wanted to consider that without this project in place.

Sixteen feels good though. So grown up suddenly. I keep thinking about this sweet little blond boy I used to know. It's been such a journey.

I had to adapt this card to say sixteen, you can see why! We do love Jack Russels around here.

dreaming of chasing rabbits
Todays snooze took place here, in the lovely warm sunny boot room. I really quite envied her. It's a dogs life. Thrifted blankets are her favourite too.

Just above her is a chalk board, I found it being thrown out. Of course I rescued it, knocked out the rusty that nail which was probably making it rather unchild friendly, and decided to hang it here where I plan to change the saying regularly. 'Let the heavy stuff go' Was really rather appropriate to the two days I spent last weekend clearing out the garage. I exhausted myself, the garage is almost empty and this is the kind of thing I do when I am worrying about things it seems. I think there is a lot of letting go going on at the moment to. Might be time to change it soon though!

I seem to have a lot to say.......

Can I just show you this.

a special card wallet from Kingsley leather on Etsy
The wonderful Kingsley from Kingsley Leather made this. Kingsley is credited with starting the Crafters of Gloucestershire Etsy group. It's a great idea, bringing the local crafters together. He makes funky leather bow ties as well different kinds of wallets/purses too. He is our group leader. I have to resist the urge to sing Kingsley is our leader, Kingsley is our leader, la la la la , la la la la hey! ....... when I speak to him! It's a very cute handmade slim leather card wallet. It's very light, just right for sixteen I hope. I love the red stitching, it called me! and the lion stamp. I hope he won't lose it. It's a great size for tucking in your jeans, perhaps with a little cash and a card inside. It goes very quickly at sixteen that's for sure.

sunflower embroidery by my Mum
Well I'm glad to be able to have a catch up. Hope September is going well for you all.

sweet nectar
and life is good.


Moved by the immovable.....

This image has stayed with me. An almost Iconic image I think. Barrack Obama's spontaneous visit to Stonehenge on Friday after being at the Nato talks in Wales. It's a powerful image. A powerful man in a powerful place.

I hope he felt drawn here because these Stones needed to impart their wisdom to him. I do believe these stones hold the consciousness and energy of ancient wisdom. Call me cuckoo if you like. He needed to be here. It's important. He carries a powerful weight on his shoulders.

It makes me think of times I have felt drawn to visiting ancient sites like these. Avebury, Glastonbury Tor, The Ring of Brodgar in Orkney, are the ones I can think of. These places stay with you, continue to work with you. I can think of monumentous life events that have followed visits like these. I believe they are strengthening places for the times ahead. Of course Stonehenge is like no other. He was able to wonder amongst the stones, touch them, feel them, be in awe of them. I wonder if the magnitude and presence of being with them helped him some how. I think so.

You can see him here. Didn't the Raffle family have a great day out!

Moved by the immovable..... Perhaps he felt some solidarity with these stones.

I feel a visit may be needed sometime soon..... A little mission to visit somewhere powerful.....a little re-charge, if I dare.....because I know how powerful that movement in your soul can be.....