This weeks sights.....

flowers from the garden
This is May's freely growing offering from my garden, I know I'm very lucky to have these out there.

tulip in the park
The park is another space, enjoyable in a different way. A whole lot of planning happens here. I do like their choice of Tulips.

cowslips on the common
On the common the Cowslips are doing their happy dance. Seeing them in the sunlight makes your spirits soar!

Cowslips and Orchids
I always think it feels like the earth is wearing it's big flowery shirt.

fresh oak leaves
 The day I got rained on, I managed to catch these very fresh oak leaves, I noticed how quickly they changed colour.

yellow retro fabric seat cover
At home I turned this already tube shaped piece of yellow floral fabric into a seat cover. It was very easy. I think someone else had done the same thing!

River Severn estuary - Portishead
There was a little jaunt to a new to me place by the river at Portishead, while the teen played airsoft. It's the river estuary at Bristol, I had several hours to explore and wander. This may become a regular two weekly thing so I'm not complaining.

The marina at Portishead Bristol
I had a good wander around the harbour and watched the lifeboat doing it's maneuvers.

estuary glass
I found glass on the beach too. I was very happy about that! Lots of it and quite big pieces, not very worn. I think from the more modern day drunken sailors to be honest. A camper van would have been nice to pull up on the beach front and hang out for the day. I noticed a few folks doing this, especially nice in cooler weather. One day!

wild garlic in the woods
Back at home this Wild garlic growing in the woods is always a show stopper. I always forget and then come along to find it. So lovely with the bright green canopy. The Beech leaves seem to green up last.

horse chestnut blossom
The Horse Chestnut blossom is always a delight. Such pretty colours. This has to be one of my favourite trees, there's always a very special place underneath a Chestnut tree! I always have to go under and just be there for minute, a little spot of tree hugging :-)


So this has been my week. I've spent a lot of time thinking about this space here and what I want to with it. Also the idea of a creative business and how that might fit in with my life. A lot of research has been done about how people do that and what needs to be done, more officially than unofficially. It's actually left me feeling pretty frustrated with the labeling and brackets we seem to need to operate from in our lives, more so when we have families to consider. It's easy to discover how the bracket we want to be in doesn't exist, at least not as part of the system. 

Overall I'm suddenly becoming aware of the ways that we do actually limit ourselves. It usually seems like the only thing to do, or even the right thing to do, but it still places us in a limiting situation ultimately. Where our life stays the same to meet that criteria. It doesn't open us to the full possibility. 

I feel there are probably people everywhere this is happening to, even if they are not aware of it. Perhaps this is what happens in a society. It places them in a group, which is not without it's support and help of course. But it just becomes difficult to let go of that and move into a new way. It's a curious thing and like I say I've just began to notice how many ways it happens, even in our speech and assumptions we make about ourselves. 

This may be the beginning of a life evaluation! I guess I feel the pull to move forwards but don't really know how to, just yet.



vintage sheet stash bundles

Hello, I thought we could do some collective oohing and aahing!
I have been chop chopping away and making pretty fabric pictures. I can't decide which bit I like best. The prettifying and photography or the making. 

colourful vintage sheet fun!
vintage stash bundles at the ready!
There's been a lot of chopping and then more chopping, and now I've finally just added these stash bundles to my shop. There are 15 different retro floral patterns. The squares are 10 x 10 inches in size.

vintage fan!
They are a good size to make a string of colourful bunting for the summer! or perhaps a small child's quilt or cushions. 

lots of colour
They are all washed, pressed and ready to sew.

kiss - heartnote by my little red suitcase
Of course each parcel will have a little dangly heart popped in it too.
No parcel would be ready without one!

Thanks for calling by, hope your week goes well.


a little catch up from the canal......

Hello, hello, it's Friday again. Shall we take a little stroll by the canal together and share some thoughts?.....I couldn't let another week roll by without sharing these pics, taken just a little while back now.
lovely canal boat art
 Life on the canal feels a bit freer I think. Perhaps it's okay to show up here and just share these. This was a gorgeous day, a sun-shining on the water kind of day, with a gentle breeze blowing sparkly ripples.

sparkly ripples!
Lets walk down the path and enjoy that expansive watery feeling, we can just let go of our oughts and our ment to's. They can just bob on by. Take a deep breath, we are just here, and here's a good place.

Sooty the chimney sweeps boat!
We might admire a friendly looking boat or two. 

Saul Junction - a place to watch the boats come by.
We could find a pretty spot to sit and consider how we feel a bit lighter now we let a few things bob off. We might realize that even though they are important, they're not that important.

It's always good to know we can find a way to float along, in a way that works for us :-)

Cotswold canal trust cafe 
There might even be a free cup of tea in it....if it's on a Sunday. You will have to fund the custard creams though.

a little Snoopy boat.
But truly the find of the day might just be a little Snoopy sized boat, just bobbing there ready for  Snoopy sized adventures.....! and you might have to resist the urge to climb in and sail away.

I hope life finds you floating along several things lighter these days.