whoops a

whoops a by my little red suitcase
whoops a, a photo by my little red suitcase on Flickr.
whoops a daisy! sorry couldn't resist that.

well the letter arrived, as did the new crochet hook and the new labels. very excited about the last two. Unfortunately the shop in town said no. Very polite letter, not discouraging, but no....no real reason just a standard letter.

So.... I went to pick up my cushions and spoke to the lady there. She said that she really liked them but didn't think they would sell at the price I had given.

This shop takes a whooping 45% commission! So I had hiked up my prices to make it worthwhile. It is a lovely shop and a great show case for peoples work. and yes the prices are expensive in there. But she felt that at these prices for these cushions that probably people would rather go away and figure out how to make them for themselves. I totally agree! That's what I would do.....

So I had a moment of thinking I would just put foward the more simple and easier to make cushions at the prices she had suggested. There is something about a no that makes us keep trying isn't there?!

But i'm thinking perhaps 45% commission is a bit ridiculous......for a simple crochet maker.

So I will re-think and re-group my ideas. Sometimes a no is a good thing, it helps us to define the way forward. and yes thinking about creating an etsy shop now and other possibilities.....

Have a fab day,


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