keeping me happy today

yes who can beat it, flowers and crochet, are cheering my life up at the moment! what with all this rain, I think they are really needed. Well we live in hope of the summer happening, again, after our brief encounters with it last month.

I am especially enjoying the rambling rose on the common. The grass is so long there now it is like one giant meadow to walk through. The cows are enjoying it too. During certain months of the year it is free land and the farmers allow their cows to roam. It's always entertaining when they decide to cross the road, on mass!

The flowers on my table this week. I love the feverfew? is that the name? The small white daisy like flowers. There is a mass of it looking pretty against my shed at the moment. I must go and get a picture....

.....well this week, life at my little red suitcase has found me visiting a new school as a possibilty for my son, who has spent the last year at home. oh boy, fingers crossed he will come back and visit it with me next week!

 He is 13 and found the first year of secondary school pretty difficult. This school is a drive away, but smaller, only 400, as opposed to 1500! at our local comprehensive.

 The headmaster was inspiring, realistic and willing to try and really seem to know all of the children there and their stories. So hopefully we will try there in september, otherwise it will be back to our version of home-schooling.....

hope the week goes well for you and the sun pops out to say hello, otherwise it's more muddy boots and a wet dog!



  1. Hello Heather
    That first picture with the flowers in the jug and grannies spread all around on the white painted floor... Of course that makes anyone happy, right? Gorgeous picture. And very Scandinavian actually. :D

    1. thanks Annette, it's actually a painted wooden table I flung some paint on at some point! its a great place to take photos. I would actually love a white painted wooden floor, that is definitely on my wish list! love the scandi look. one day....!