determined to be summery!

after seeing the sun on sunday morning,

 I set out to walk the dog feeling determindly summery!

I wore my cotton dress, my sandals, some suncream on my face, with high hopes
 of summer sun.....

I also carried my brolly, and had my mac and wellies in the car!

.....after all,

this is the british summer we are talking about.

we are ready for anything!

I love the canal, there is something about walking by the water that's just instantly relaxing,

 and I seem to walk along yawning.

It tried to be sunny, but basically it was overcast.......

but it didn't matter.

I enjoy seeing the different boats and the colours and names they have been given.

Lots of boats going up and down.

.......it looks great fun.

this is my favourite "dutch barge"

all board!.....i wish.......

look the clogs, do you remember them?

they have flowers in them now!

stopping at a garden centre on the way home

I took some pictures and feeling frugal..... 

 decided the flowers were just for looking at!

I even went home and made my own coffee

sometimes home is best.......

this weekend I am off on an adventure,

 camping in kent.

kent weather says it's going to be......


I am an optimist

I'll go with that.....

hope you are managing to grab your moments too!

enjoy the weekend,


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  1. Hope the sun shines, I too am determined to be Summery...Ada :)