this blue jug

I just love this blue jug.

There's something about it.....

Something about its shape and the glaze,

 and the colour,

It says made in japan at the bottom.

It feels japanese......just a bit different.

perhaps the polka-dots are unusual for japan?

I like it a lot.

on the subject of blue,

I spied these flowers whilst walking the other day.

 amazing flowers growing in gardens,

luckily I had my camera .....

I have called them heavenly blues and purple wows!

not their real names of course!

it's doing quite well at being sunny today,

more blue skies please!



  1. Blue is such a fantastic, energising colour. Photos are great! Ada :)

  2. oh thank you Ada! your comments are lovely, thanks for stopping by x

  3. I am not sure about the flower on the left (Lavatera? Hymalayan blue poppie? ) but that colour is very rare in the flower world, indeed. The one on the right is Sea Holly. I love your little jug also. I have a yellow bud vase to go with it. They are visiting each other, in my mind, and they make quite a stunning pair.

  4. Hello Sassy, yes the blue was really incredible, not one you see often. Aren't you clever knowing the names! Sea Holly, that's a nice name isn't it. It would be nice to see your yellow vase sometime to. Have a good weekend! Heather