aren't the poppies gorgeous at the moment? I think this is a poppy, it's certainly from the poppy family and was definitely worth jumping out the car for! divine!
I saw these on my drive to the common, where I walk my little dog.
I go here everyday at the moment and I'm really loving it. It's my escape. Time to breathe out and think, or actually just to be walking, feeling expansive and taking in the view. I love a view.....
each day I am greeted by a different personality, some days it's bright and breezy, and some days dark and moody. But it's always good....
The view of the town below and the rolling countryside is lovely. I'm a surburn girl from the surburbs of London. I grew up in the land of three bedroom semis, parks and shopping centres. I do love a nice park as well! It was very flat and I couldn't have imagined living anywhere else.
I found my way here 10 years ago after visiting a friend who I had met while travelling around india. When you are up on the common it feels as though you could be in so many different places or countries. I think that's one of the reasons I like it so much. The town is colourful and vibey, with lots of creative happenings.....
I don't think i'd ever worn a pair of wellies until I moved here! Not as a grown up anyway......
There's a lot of wet welly wearing here at the moment.
I love this patch of pink flowers, I seem to notice it every day. I've just discovered it's wild thyme, it really does smell of thyme. So now i have a new life skill, I can identify wild thyme! I'll probably leave it to the cows though.....
we have our favoutite places though. I love this thicket of trees leading down to a bench where you can take in the view of the river severn winding its way up through Gloucestershire, with a wave over to the Forest of Dean and Wales beyond.   
check out this heart tree. Isn't it fantastic? It's an impossible tree. Empty and leaning, but still standing and its huge base is shaped like a heart. It feels special this tree.... Like a special druid place where offerings of  flowers should be left.
I,m still trying to identify which kind of tree it is by looking at the leaves. I think it could be some kind of elm, but i'm not sure.
the meadow grasses are growing, and i'm enjoying watching the wild flowers emerging. It feels as though the earth is wearing a big, beautiful, breathing flowery dress. 
nature wears it best don't you think.......
many days now through the summer we meet the cows, as they are allowed to roam here through the summer months. most times we just wander by, sometimes they act a bit erratic and we dart by quite quickly. I know not to get between the young cows and their mother!
they are so beautiful....just happy letting the world go by.
so easy.
I love this dramatic picture taken one evening. I've just started going up there in the evening as well. The sun is different. I love the light glimmering over the river in the distance. The landscape is different. The river feels timeless and pre-historic. I feel lost in time...I can imagine long boats and vikings sailing up the river to the different settlements along the way....it's amazing.
back home we go, where soft blankets await our return. I hope you are managing to enjoy the great out-doors too. 



  1. I love poppies, in fact I was so excited the other morning I ran out on to the garden in my dressing gown to take pictures of a beautiful purple one, grey clouds were looking and I knew it would be gone! Will pop over again! Ada :)

  2. Hello Heather, Found you via Vintage Sheet Addict. Enjoyed your little tour around the common. What a lovely place. Hope you will pop by my blog for a visit also.