the week after camping.....

well the first thing I absolutely had to do after my camping trip
was move the furniture around in the living room!
life had just felt so much simpler living in a tent in a field.
with a break from the technology too....

I had just been waiting for my moment to do it,
so a huge tidy and de-clutter is in progress.
things being moved from one room to the next
 until finally into the garage or off to the charity shop.

the boot of my car is now full,
it really is a process all this moving and clearing,
 and yes I think it's going to extend to the whole house.

Clear   space    feels   so   good!

Here is my lunch time reading,
modern vintage style,
lots of great ideas and some lovely vintage crochet.

I have been counting my blessings in the garden too,
and believe me vegetable wise, there aren't many of them!!
It was either the weather or a complete lack of any attention from me.....
I will try harder next year,
and I might still try and grow some more salads and kale for the winter.
It's nice to have something green to eat straight out the garden.

I have been wearing my yellow sunshine ring,
I love it,
sometimes I get some funny looks......
but it really does ask to be worn when the sun is out.

I have finally brought new beach inspired towels, the pebbles are in my garden!!
I am really enjoying this sea foam colour.
It seems to be popping up all over the place......

sweet little jug found on holiday and some vintage buttons.

a very politically incorrect globe! found whilst thrifting,
I enjoyed watching the olympic opening ceremony
it was hypnotic. when I looked at the time that evening it was 1.40am.
I thought the clocks had broken!!
it was a global event,
but a very british ceremony, not sure that everybody got it,
Mr.Bean was hysterical.......!

enjoying this lovely pink geranium sitting in my blue jug,
lovely combination of colours,

and finally enjoying my new mug of coffee and flowers on the go!!
I love painted enamel flowers,
I have wanted one every since I saw this on tales from cuckoo land,
fortunately this appeared half price in the sale at the local camping shop.

I seem to rush around with one of these a lot......

what are you finally managing to get to now the holidays are here?



  1. Hi Heather, I've just found your blog and have delighted in reading right back to the start. I am about to join your band of followers, and will pop back often to hear about what's happening in your little patch of England, to admire your beautiful photography and to see what's happening with hook and wool. Waves from Australia, Trudy

  2. p.s. for some reason I can't join just now?! will try again later ...

    1. Hi Trudy, nice to meet you and thanks for joining in! it looks like it's all working now. Just going to pop over now.

  3. Hi Heather, welcome home. Half way through a lovely summer here. Great to see there is a book to validate our design sensibilities. And here I thought I was just stuck in the '70's.

    1. thanks Sassy. it is a good read, although I was trying not to buy more books!

  4. You did well to rearrange furniture! We have just got back from camping and all I've done is wash, too tired to do anything else! I'm very impressed! Lovely holiday finds! Ada :)

    1. thanks Ada, I'm probably not very good at relaxing!