prayer flags from vintage sheets!

yesterdays hour.
that's all I had,
one hour before I had to pick up my son,
it's so rare to have anytime at home alone at the moment.
I knew I had to go and make something in my craft room,
I had to use the sewing machine!
something small and simple had to made....
what to do?
this was my simple answer!
a very easy mini bunting,
hanging in the sunny window,
helping me feel happy and grateful for the time spent making,
it really is therapy this crafting that we do.......
cheaper too.....!

I tried hanging it different places,
but I liked the light through the window best.

the lovely desk belonged to my mum,
as did a lot of the things around,
I like having them about.

this summer I tided my craft room,
and when I say tided,
I mean I moved my piles around.......!
I imagine a sleek, de-cluttered space,
but I'm actually quite fond of my things and how it's all landed,
 without much thought,
and I've always had collections of bits and bobs!

so I'm enjoying my prayer flags.
needing to stay hopeful about the return to school.
a difficult issue for us......
it may mark the beginning of lots of making and crafting,
if all works out.
I'm hoping this new school will work for us,
if not, we will find another way that does,
and the making and crafting will have to work around that!
but we won't know unless we try.....

hope you are doing something nice today,


  1. Love the new bunting!

    Hope all goes well with the new term.


  2. Beautiful bunting!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. I love the bunting! Fingers crossed everything will work out just fine for you! Ada :)

  4. your crafty room is bright !! I like it! Even your little bunting is so cheerful!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  5. Hi ! I wanted to make a bunt with prayer flags for years, but I can't find the rihgt fabric, or enough of it. And you have a very nice craft room, I'm green with envy! Mine is a mess, and not as pretty.

  6. I love it! And I love your desk too x

  7. I totally understand what you mean by craft as a therapy! Love your bunting and would love to have a craft room like yours. I too like my things to be here and there. Reminds me of all the things i love :)

  8. Sweet bunting!! Your mother's desk is beautiful!! xo Heather

    1. thank you Heather, the draws are filled with little things that were also belonging to my mum, so it's like a time capsule everytime I sit down to use it. Heather x

  9. Love your vintage sheet prayer flags. Glad you had the chance of a bit of creative therapy time (such a great space, just as *you* like it). All the best with the new school.

  10. Hello! It is nice to meet and follow you! You have such a blog, and such a lovely studio!
    Thanks for sharing

    Ciao Bella
    Sensible Sarah

  11. Good Morning Heather. I peeking about your desk and your fabric stash. Both so inspirational.
    I have to clear up my desk after each layout. All the tools go back to their homes. Snips and bits, put away. That way, I am not frustrated by searching for things when I start on my next layout. So actually, things are tidy for about 30 seconds, between projects.
    Wondering about the prayer flag. Did you finish the edges or are they raw? Do you use a rotary cutter or scissors?

    1. Hi Sassy, I think if I was scrap-booking I would need to have a clearer space as well. my sewing machine and table is under the window, but the light was so bright that it didn't photograph well. I would love to have a high cutting table. The edges of the flags are just raw, cut freehand! as simple as could be.(I don't have the other equiptment yet! but would like some, Heather x

  12. What a lovely idea and a great way to use up some odds of fabric. Love the vintage stuff though.

    Nina x

  13. What a totally delicious collection of vintage sheets x

  14. Love, love, Love your bunting Heather! You have a room that I would feel inspired in, full of gorgeousness and treasure. x

  15. Lovely!

    Hope all goes well re. school :)