Autumn abundance

Phew.....it's a journey! thank goodness for that.
and thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post.

I do feel a little better now, a little freer perhaps.

......it's okay, I might wander up and down a few strange paths and try on a few different hats,
but it's all okay.

This is me in my south american hat.
That's my mums chin and my dads nose, and the grey roots are my own!
oh and this hat is very good for covering grey roots!

Speaking of which I have decided to grow out my natural hair colour.
It's been a difficult decision. One that I have been going around in a loop about.

I have started a new pin board on pinterest called stunning grey hair, to inspire me. I have taken all the bottles of dye out of the house. I will just have to go cold turkey on this one. Ah! 

I do have several different issues which have brought me to this decision. Firstly, I want to stop obsessing about the whole should I?.... shouldn't I? of the issue and the constant peering at grey roots.

My mum went grey quite young and dyed her hair for a long time. I don't want to spend years doing this. I'm also concerned about the toxicity of the products when they build up in the body.

it would be nice to be free of the whole issue and just embrace who I am right now! grey hair an all! so wish me luck.

and here are my four happy autumn things this week,

a finished mustard cowl, discovered by Maaike, plus the grey one I'm wearing in the photo. These are my first cowls! Why has it taken me so long to discover these!.....I'm really enjoying wearing them.

an autumn rose, this colour is so nice with the autumn backdrop. I just love the name Autumn rose.......,

candle light in the evenings, a must. This is a pink salt crystal and gives off a lovely glow.

and of course the golden autumn leaves are in all their spendour now.

I hope you are enjoying these misty and foggy autumn days, all my woolies are finding their way on layer by layer! and I have a big wood pile to stack later, that will keep me warm, I will look forward to showing you more soon,

thanks for coming by!


  1. Now this interests me, growing out one's natural hair colour - but I'm not brave enough - yet. I agree with you on all the reasons you've listed, though. Stunning hair over on your pinterest. You have great skin so I'm sure you can pull it off. Happy weekend!

  2. Your cowl are simply gorgeous. Great colours too.

  3. You go girl! Embrace the inner you, grey hair and all! Have a great weekend! :)

  4. Lovely picture of you, and I admire you for your decision on the hair dye. I have a lot of grey coming through but I'm still reaching for the bottle! Love your cowl too and your other happy things. Have a great weekend. x

  5. Beautiful cowl and sweet hat!! I need to try to make one of those cowls! I love wearing them!! I am with you with the grey hair and embracing it!! ;) Have a lovely weekend! xo Heather

  6. Hi there - just popped over for a wee peek at your lovely blog. I'm with you on the grey dilemma - lots of grey creeping in and wondering when I'll just accept it and let it grow through! Well done you for taking the first step :-) And I love your cowls too - I've just discovered a really simple pattern and have crocheted 2 already this week as Christmas pressies.
    Looking forward to following and hope you'll hop over and say hello sometime too. Have a great weekend,
    Gilly xx

  7. Haven't kept up since starting to follow you, but enjoyed this first glance back at your world :~) I never did understand dying out the grey - I love getting older & consider those strands of shining silver a little glitter in my crown! I, too, collected a few last roses from the yard - extremely late for us here in Michigan USA.

  8. Lovely seeing your happy smiling face : -) Congratulations on embracing the grey!! I'm with you, I have no intention of colouring my hair (I think!!!!!) Off to look at your Pinterest board. Lovely, snuggly cowls.

  9. woooo hoooo!!!!!!!!.... Embrassing the grey!!! Good for you. Just think if things get really bad you could treat yourself to more cute hats like that one till you ride it out...Love it!!! Catch up soon xxxx

  10. So many lovelies here :) I think it is great you are going gray - I remember growing out the Sun-In in my hair - was that a craze here in the 8os too?

  11. Hey - there you are! Lovely to see people in real life! I feel the same way about the size of bottom as you do about your hair - go au naturale...
    Best wishes

  12. It's fun to see your sweet face. Your descriptions are so adorable "mum's chin and dad's nose" and I love that you are embracing your gray hair. I've always admired women with beautiful gray hair. I'll look forward to seeing your progress and what you do with it.
    Catherine Denton

  13. oooh, love your hat, a gorge felty hat is on my xmas list - fingers x'd I've been a good girl! Nice cowl too, will have to go check out the pattern ...

  14. Love the grey cowl. And yes, if you're happy with grey hair why not. I wish mine was going a proper grey but we lean toward white in this family which can make one look old before one's time and I have far too pink a complexion for it. So I'm using a semi-permanent colour to blond it up (I was naturally ash blond but there's not so much of that left!) ... no roots this way as it just slowly washes out over a period of weeks and the good ones are ammonia free and kind to your hair. Just a thought for you if the whole grey hog proves too much.

  15. We're all candle light at the moment - once the little ones are well and truly tucked up in bed though.

    Love the hat.

    Nina x

  16. You look amazing with your nice hat. I loved.
    And I looked at you pinterest board and I would like to be like them...

  17. I totally agree with your decision. It does keep all the chemicals out of your body (when you don't use it), and grey hair is pretty, and not to mention natural, and who doesn't like that!?

    Thanks for sharing this!

    sensible sarah

  18. I stopped dying my hair years ago and wish it was more gray! haha! You look so cute in your hat- I look hideous in them!