Hearts from vintage sheets

I just love these. I starting making them about this time last year, and now I have re-discovered them again.

I first saw these over on Sonjas beautiful blog Det bla huset. Sonja is really the queen of these hearts, and you can see them on her header picture.

She lives in a blue house next to one of Norways amazing fjords, where she creates some lovely things.

What you will need :-

A useful tool is one of these leather punches, I think possibly the holes could be made with something else, but it might be tricky. I got this one from amazon and used it on the number 2 setting.

A small 1.5 crochet hook and some embroidery floss.

A heart shape cardboard stencil.

Wool stuffing.

Once you have cut out the fabric and punched the holes at regular intervals, you can crochet around the edge. Here you can see 2 double crochet (UK) in each hole.

Starting at the top of the heart crochet around until about 2 inches before finishing. Push in the wool using a large crochet hook and shape.

Then finish the crochet and continue into making a loop for hanging.

There is a little bit of a fiddle factor to these! I think they look good when they are nice and plump.

Sonja has a tutorial here. She also uses an iron on fabric before cutting out the hearts and they do look wonderfully neat! You can see some more of her creations herehere and here.

I am tempted to add all kinds of granny chic bling to them, but haven't yet! 

They also look nice made flat, without the stuffing. Perhaps using coloured card or old christmas cards.

I most definitely want to try crocheting around some vintage wallpaper! I'm thinking gift tags or hanging cards......

.....just another little idea to add to the growing collection!


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Have a good week. I will be catching up with you soon, I think it's time for a christmas give-away!



  1. Gosh they are nice. I love them all hung up on that coat hanger, they look so great together. I think I'd be reluctant to separate them, maybe just have them like that as a piece of artwork! x

  2. Thank you for your kind words!
    I am happy to see how good your hearts turned out:) Lovely fabrics you've used! I know this is a tricky way to do the crocheting, and I know for sure that there are easier ways to do this;-)
    I have made some other stuff with a crocheted edgde, if you'd like to have a look: http://sonjafraasunnfjord.blogspot.no/2011/05/fargerik-pynt.html, http://sonjafraasunnfjord.blogspot.no/2011/11/pakkelappar.html, http://sonjafraasunnfjord.blogspot.no/2011/08/nokre-nye-kort.html
    Have fun crocheting!

    1. thank you Sonja, they are all lovely and I have added in the links!

  3. These are really pretty Heather ... I love them all hanging together ... you should definitely give christmas pudding a go ... it is so lovely ... Bee xx

  4. I love, love, LOVE these! I really like the colours you have chosen for round the heart x

  5. WONDERFUL! I love these so much! My crochet skills are non existent, I will post some pictures this week, so you can have a good laugh! :)

  6. They are gorgeous! So pretty all in a row...love the idea of a crocheted edge on vintage wallpaper too! Rachel x

  7. Love them - the crochet edging just finishes them off perfectly.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. These hearts are amazingly wonderful.. I love it so much. I'll try this as soon as.
    Thanks for the idea...


  9. Stuuning little hearts! Thank you so much for sharing! I think I'll have to make some for my Christmas Tree this year... I'm aspiring to have handmade ornaments!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely handmades!

    Sophie xo

  10. Hi Heather! These are sooooo beautiful! I love the fabrics and the crocheted edging is darling! I still want to learn how to crochet properly! Thanks for cheering up my day with your gorgeous hearts! Tania ♥

  11. Really beautiful Heather!!!! Love them!!! Thank you for sharing this lovely tut!!
    I have to try : my fabric collection is huge, so why not???
    Your new self-portrait is lovely, too!!
    xxx Ale

  12. These are great love the colours. So nice, have a good week!
    Sweet greet, Martine.

  13. these hearts are so lovely!

    (and I was never quite sure how the holes were made so thank you for the clear instructions - perfect ...)

    happy crocheting ...

  14. Such precious hearts! And just in time for ornament season. I can see these decorating the tree, being friend or teacher gifts and stocking stuffers!
    Catherine Denton

  15. These are so pretty. I love the fabrics and colours you used. Like your idea of using old Christmas cards and vintage wallpaper too. I have seen postcards with crochet frames on pinterest which look really pretty. I would love to be able to crochet, really must try to learn again one day. x

  16. Hi Heather! Love your hearts!! So pretty and fresh and gorgeous : -) I can see the flat one becoming heart bunting, and the idea of vintage wallpaper, lovely ... oohh, so many ideas!!

  17. They're lovely Heather, really pretty :D

  18. So cute! I love the vintage pattern, they look fab!

  19. These are GORGEOUS. Vintage sheets, hearts and crochet, all rolled into one!? That's pretty much my dream come true. And you must have a seriously incredible vintage sheet collection - those prints are amazing!

    Katie xx

  20. I love these hearts, the crochet edge is so pretty!

  21. Oh wow, these are super lovely. I definitely want to try making a few too! Thank you for the detailed tutorial.

  22. I just found your lovely blog and each post is more delightful than the next. I feel very excited to have found you. I also have a love of art, crafts, sewing and just making lovely new things for my home. Your hearts are delightful . . . I love them. My hope is that you will come over to visit and decide to follow me back. I enjoy making new friends and seeing how even though we have oceans between us, we still have so very much in common. Life is good.
    Your newest blogging sister, Connie :)

  23. I have just found you through Silly Old Suitcase. Good timing, what a great giveaway and a draw on my birthday too (i wonder if that makes me extra lucky?!). I am new to the blog world and trying to work out the following thing... Your hearts are just gorgeous but love the purple one with the blue. Alex

  24. I love your hearts!
    I have a big red vintage suitcase in the loft somewhere, you've made me wonder whats inside it now!!

  25. Oh those are great, such nice colors to. I think I`ll have to try that one out to. Nice blog by the way, I just found it.