Catching up!

I am ever so behind with my 52 weeks of happy!
So I shall just throw in some happy things now and again....

Of course there are always ups and downs amongst the happy, but for me the things I notice I am enjoying really seem to follow the season..... Oh and with an occasional bit of thrift thrown in too!

Enjoying the warmth of the wood burner. I am very lucky to have this I know. I think it's originally from Norway, it's such a treat.
My little fireside stool, more about this in a minute. It's so handy to sit on and make up the fire!

My new thrifted, painted chair. Isn't it lovely! I've always wanted to try painting some designs on furniture. Having seen this twice I couldn't let it go a second time.....

The stunning colour of the leaves outside my back door. Just amazing.

The Beech trees at the end of my garden are starting to do spectacular things. During the summer they are a huge wall and now in the winter the views across the valley will open up. Yes you might notice a very old caravan there at the bottom of the garden. I think it's been there forever. One day.....I might tackle it!

This stool cover was very easy to make. I always seem to have a stool like this around and you can pick them up quite cheapily second hand.

It's certainly cheered it up! This is how I attached the cover underneath.

Seems to do the trick.

Well off to put my feet up and warm my toes. I have a finished cowl to show you soon and just the border to go on the second one. Loving making these. A good weekend to all!                                                               


  1. LOVE your wood burner and what a great little stool, we had one when I was a kid, minus the lovely crochet cover! :)

  2. Very cute, your house looks very cosy. Love the painted chair too, I have always wanted my wooden chair to be painted like that. Sarah x

  3. I like your happy!
    Your house does look so cozy, I bet that in the evening when the lights are low it's just divine in there, a flicker from the fire and warmth with the smell of wood burning... It must be lovely!

  4. Lovely happy things Heather ... love your cream stove ... we have a plain old black one but yours is so much prettier ... Bee xx

  5. Heather your wood burner is so beautiful! I think your little stool (so nice with all these grannies!) matches perfectly with it : they are a great couple!!
    happy weekend, xxx Ale

  6. Great happy things, love the wood burner and the views from your garden - beautiful!

  7. Loving your sweet stool! Really an adorable idea. Happy creating this weekend

  8. Very pretty stool. Would look great at a beach or pool. Am real envious of your views n autumn leaves!

  9. Oh my goodness...I just want to cosy up to that beautiful woodburner! So lovely! I love all the loveliness in your charming home, and I think it must be a joy to live there! Tania ♥

  10. yep that wood burner would make me happy!
    Bec x

  11. Love the little blue crochet cover - it is really pretty. Have a lovely weekend.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  12. Stool is gorgeous, colours are divine, thank you for sharing....
    Daisy j

  13. You have a little caravan in the back of your yard?!! Can I come over and play? : -) Very cozy and cute fire and what a sweet crochet stool!

  14. What a cozy abode. You've put me in the mood to curl up with a book and satellite radio. Acoustic music. Rather like having someone right there, playing for you. I am imagining the wood smoke too, although I have lots of scented candles burning. Happy Sunday.

  15. Lovely happy things - I don't think I'd ever move from that fire! That painted chair is a real find too. x

  16. Beautiful pictures, love visiting.

    Sensible Sarah