it's raining, it's pouring

I have woken up to a very wet Sunday. The rain is hammering down hard on the conservatory roof making it sound even harder.

My main mission of the day is to get kindling for the fire, oh and old newspapers!

A couple of well timed dog walks.

A clear around the food storage area in the kitchen (I'm sure we have a little mouse) I can hear him jumping around, unless it's the noisy refrigerator.
I will lure him with peanut butter and a humane trap, and will send him on his way.

I slept so deeply last night, after running in the gym. I felt so heavily relaxed and comfortable.
I think I have finally made peace with my quiet existence here.

In the evenings I could well be living in a mountain cabin with just the dog and a fire for company! Of course it might not always be like this and I do get to hear the yelps of action of my teen playing his games in his room.......

but on a cosy saturday night all was well.

my new, old couch and a thrifted blanket. The first glimpses of a white wall. It takes time to evolve a room when you paint it. Looking for the right throws and pictures, it takes time....

A sunny spot in my kitchen. I think I will keep my earthy colours in here and maybe touch them up. It looks so nice with all the wood in here. I like the mexican feel of this throw.

Later in the day I hope to make it into my craft room. I need to have a think about what direction I'm heading in and just spend some time connecting with all my lovely fabric and wool. Who knows where I will go from here.
I am so happy to read your lovely comments. Thank you so much  for reading and commenting, it really brightens up my day. Happy sunday to you all,


  1. Looks very inviting to me. Happy Sunday to you too.

  2. Lovely cosiness abounds in your home ... hope you have a crafty Sunday ... Bee x

  3. And a VERY happy, cosy Sunday to you. It is lovely visiting you.


  4. Your home looks very cosy, raining here too! I'm feeling the need to sort at the moment, I've collected far too many things over this last year. We have some serious decorating to do (I'll wait til spring for that one!), so I really need to clear some space! eBay listings and charity bags me thinks! :)

  5. Hi Heather, love looking at the snuggly corners of your home. Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely time in your craft room : -)

  6. Ahhh yes, that couch looks like you could melt right in, it does look cozy, I also like how you addressed the teenager playing video games!! That always jolts us back to reality!

  7. It all looks so cosy there. Have fun sorting out that craft room :D

  8. Hi Heather,,,,, your sofa looks soooo cozy and the sun pouring in looks really inviting. Enjoy! x

  9. Love that blanket on the chair, so lovely!

  10. What a cozy spot! Perfect on a rainy day :)

  11. Just wanted to say, love your work.

  12. I find your knitting beautiful! Loved visiting your blog! Hope you bring a visit back :-)

    Love Lisanne